Should people be able to do all jobs without license from govt or professional organizations?

Asked by: juminrhee
  • Free market or guildism

    In a free market one should be able to choose the job they want to do. If they perform sloppily, they will likely not be chosen again. If they end up injurying, that person can sue. Those that want to show their competence can still display a plaque from the Bar Association or Medical Association, for example, but those two organizations could not corner the market, preventing others from practising law or medicine, for example. In the old days, guilds could say who could and couldn't do a certain job and set qualifications. Adam Smith despised that. Lastly, why can ABA say I can't act as an attorney for my friend because I'm not licensed (requires expensive schooling and time), but I can be a security guard or fast food cook without license (both can kill if done improperly).

  • Would you want any random person to teach your kids? Perform Surgery?

    Think about all the positions that require licensing . Doctors, Surgeons, Teachers, Lawyers. These are all critical positions. Even if you go with a free market argument, think of all the damage one person can do before the free market kicks them out. Government regulations ensure things are safer and more productive.

  • There are some jobs that if you screw up even once, people could die.

    Jobs like, cooks, docs, and even, a construction worker, must have a license to show that they have been trained on how to do their jobs right, and that they have less of a chance of getting the people that they are providing their services to killed. 3 more words

  • Would you be ok with people with no experience just being hired to be doctors and lawyers?

    Are you serious? I can understand something like a small end job like being fast food cashier or a car washer because of how all you need is common sense and very little guidance but if we are talking about high end jobs then this is the worst idea I've ever heard. The license shows that they are at least somewhat experienced in their career and have some type of knowledge on the subject of the career. Not having a license shows that you aren't knowledgeable in the subject and have no experience whatsoever is true.

    Also who would even want to be represented or handled by a person without a license? Do you think it's ok that anyone could be accepted as a doctor, attorney, teacher and so on?

  • No no no

    Certain jobs require certain skills and if you do not have those skills you should not do those jobs as you will mess up and harm or kill someone. Imagine if a doctor or nurse or a teacher was not licensed? You should be required to get license for certain jobs.

  • Job training!!! Hello!!!!

    It's called job training for a reason, would you want a person who doesn't know what they are doing to put people in danger? Probably not right, so to keep people safe it is required that you have a license. You can't drive without a license, so how can you work without one?

  • Maybe more jobs, but not all jobs

    Jobs where it is possible for people to give informed consent to the risks if the requirement is to promptly inform the person you don't have a license before beginning work, then yes it should be legal. Maybe someone who has done their own research trusts the person and disagrees with the opinion of the licensing agency. In which case they should be more than welcome to make their own decisions.

    But there are jobs where full informed consent for all parties involved is not possible. For instance, air traffic controller. Even if the airport gives informed consent all the people who could possibly be hurt by the air traffic controller's lack of expertise (anyone living nearby or even just visiting the area or passing through including children) can NOT give consent.

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liltankjj says2016-01-07T20:49:16.473
I would say to an extent. I for one don't agree with the government having their hands in the business of the people but some jobs need a little regulation.