Should people be able to have a relationship with their own gender?

Asked by: Memorzum
  • Can't stop true love

    Is it really fair to tell anyone who they can and can't love? Just imagine how you would react if someone told you that you couldn't marry or go out with the person of your dreams. By saying no you're not just stopping them from expressing themselves but you're also taking away their happiness. I know some people say that the world population will drop , but it's not like it's gonna wipe out the human race. There will be plenty of straight people to take care of that. But I think the same sex should be aloud to have a nice relationship of their own.

  • Romantic and platonic

    Having a typical friendship with somebody of the same gender is healthy. Having a romantic relationship with somebody of the same gender is as healthy as having a relationship with somebody of the opposite gender. By healthy I mean good for your mind and heart and psyche. Animals use homosexuality as a way to strengthen their society and community; animals like lions, fish, and primates all engage in homosexual relationships specifically to strengthen the bonds within the community. But let's take a minuet to understand that we are not typical animals. We don't engage in sex for reproduction or mating; we engage in sex as an act of love. Hence the term "making love", not mating. Should people be able to have a relationship with their own gender, yes. If one wishes and it is consensual, yes. I don't care if it is a sin. You can stop screaming bible versus because, guess what! I'm not a christian! I don't care what the christian holy book says! Just because I'm a vegan doesn't mean I have the right to say all people must be vegans. Live according to your own rules and policies and allows others to live with their own morality gauge; unless they're hurting another person, forcing them to do something or they're coercing somebody or something into anything, then you may put your two cents into the piggy bank.

  • What even is Gender?

    First of all, a relationship is completely different to what is sexual intercourse to reproduce- which means that it has no link to what sexual organs you have or anything of that sort. A relationship relates to how much someone's personality is compatible with the other, in my opinion. The argument has always been that "homosexuality is not natural". But actually, love and compassion does not exactly come from nature. Think about it- Are humans animals? Yes. Do animals exactly have that complex thought process throughout what we call love? No. They're there to reproduce and continue contributing to their species' population, that's all. So in both respects, there's nothing wrong with a relationship between the same genders.

  • Yes they should!

    If someone feels happy with someone of their own gender why would you want to say "No, that isn't right date a guy/girl!". I mean honestly what is wrong with that? If I see a kid getting bullied for liking their own gender I will defend them because that's what is right

  • Personal relationships are not dictated by society.

    If two people form a consensual relationship, that is of their own business, not of that of society or the state. Two people having a homosexual relationship does not negatively impact anyone else in society, nor does it violate the rights of any individual. In fact, to say that two people should not be entitled to form a relationship with whomever they choose, even with someone of their own gender, is inherent approval of the violation of their rights. All around the world, people are discriminated against and even faced with death, imprisonment, or torture just for having homosexual relationships. Homophobia is still a widely accepted form of discrimination. I believe that now is the time for this to stop. Homosexual people should not only be tolerated, but accepted by society for who they are, and not face discrimination based on such an arbitrary matter. It is the right of all people to form relationships with whomever they choose, and no one should consider themselves worthy of dictating who someone else should or should not be entitled to love.

  • I see no logical basis for otherwise

    I may not be homosexual, but that doesn't mean I disapprove of homosexuality, and I definitely think that people should be allowed to express their feelings. There is also the fact that America is secular, so laws should be based on the all the people, not just the majority. I see no reason for such relationships in the homosexual orientation to be illegal and while Christianity and maybe other religions (not too sure on this point) should brand homosexuality as something wrong because honestly, what's wrong with homosexuality? Please reply and give me your thoughts on my argument.

  • Not your life you have no say

    I feel like this. I'm not that person how will this affect me. So how can I say what that person like. Me I like buff guys but I'm not gonna say that people cant date fat people cause I like buff guys same goes the same. I like boys that doesn't mean that you have to cause what you like really doesn't affect me

  • You can't help love!

    Love is something someone feels towards another. A man could love a man, a woman could love a woman or a man could love a woman and vice versa. Why can't people accept others for who they are? If someone has no attraction at all to a specific gender, you can't force them to love someone they don't!
    It's cruel that in some places same sex marriage is not legalised as it definitely should be - nothing is wrong with it! People who like the same sex as them are not disgusting or gross, they deserve respect and support for not hiding their feelings from everyone!
    No one could possibly be as cruel as to take away someone's love!

  • Don't ask, Don't tell.

    There are too many movements now to try to legalize gay marriage. The problem is, it's a sin, and all of the religious people know it. If you do not follow religion, you still know it's wrong. That's the reason why they have to fight for legalization and have outside protests. If it was morally and socially right and acceptable, then it would have been legalized by now. The reason they feel the need to protest is because, subconsciously, they know it is wrong. We should not be giving governmental benefits, like we give to normal married couple, to a relationship that can not benefit the society. The government does not care about who is getting married, but they do care when that relationship provides no benefit to society except to make two random people happy with each other.
    Any responses?

  • No they should not

    In the last few decades society has become way too anarchic, the argument using "it's 2014" does not justify anything. Everyone knows it is a sin, and everyone is in denial about it. If you want to have a relationship with your own gender, don't tell the world about it.

  • If you mean a romantic relationship, then no.

    I am going to assume you are speaking about romantic, and possible sexual relationships between two individuals of the same gender, not platonic relationships. If this is the case, my answer is no.

    Let me start by saying I do not hate gays, I am not homophobic, and I do not think less of anyone who suffers from same sex attraction. In order for this argument to make any sense, let me clarify a few things.

    Firstly, most gays aren't homosexual at all; they are homoerotic. That is, someone who is attracted to the same sex. Homosexual refers to an individual who is engaging in sexual activity with someone of the same gender. So, if I may, what you're really asking is "Should people be able to have homosexual relationships?". If not, please let me know. I want to make sure I understand you correctly :)

    Now, the real question we need to consider here is, what types of relationships are "wrong" to have? If you believe in moral absolutes, like I do, homosexual relationships qualify. I believe than engaging in homosexual behavior is wrong for everyone, just like murder and rape is wrong for everyone.

    However, who is to say homosexual relationships are wrong? The typical justification for such an argument is "because it makes people happy". This is dangerous. Happiness doesn't justify anything. Surely, if someone wanted to have a sexual relationship with a sibling or parent, we would say this is wrong, even if it is consensual by both parties. We know those things are wrong, but why? Who makes the marriage rules? Most people have no foundation for these things, and this is why the limits of relationships have eroded. The truth is, unless God or some other omnipotent and all powerful being tells us that it's wrong, then we can do whatever we want. If there isn't, then you must also concede there is nothing wrong with a mother and son or daughter being in a relationship, or a man and several women. Where do we draw the line? It's becoming more and more arbitrary.

  • God is against Homosexuality BUT He loves them

    God hates sins but loves the sinners means...He hates all the actions (what you're doing wrong) but He loves YOU. Some people can't see that. They rather picture God as a mean and abusive and hateful person. But it's not it. All sins lead to Hell and all sins smell like odors from Hell. He can't stand the smells and tries to warn you that if you chose to rebel against Him, you're officially on your way to Hell. That is not for me to say it in a hateful way. Unfortunately...Truth is the new "hate speech". Crazy isn't it? But it's true. God created Adam and Even. Not Adam and Steve. Not Allie and Eve. Two same gender cannot produce babies. God created man and a woman together for a reason...To create family (to multiply). Hello? What God puts together is for good. But Satan perverted it by saying "it's okay to be gay". Smh I love gay people and I have gay friends. But that don't mean I gotta be supporting their lifestyles. True friends will not let friends go to Hell. I'm sorry. I love everybody so much that I wouldn't compromise or tell a lie. I am not running around to force people to go by the Word of God. I walk around with a loving heart willing to spread the Gospel. But I don't force others to accept the Truth. They're the ones pushing us to accept their lifestyles. We as Christians don't need to be stuck in the closets just because they "came out". Another thing....To be both gay and a Christian? That don't mix well. You can't serve God and Satan at the same time. That's being a hypocrite. Again...I don't hate gay people....I just hate how they are doing it to pervert God's Word. They KNOW it's wrong but are so comfortable in their sins. That's the thing. They walk around with a "only God can judge me" attitude. Well..."only God can judge me" should scare you. It will not be a happy ending if you think doing good will save you. In order to enter Heaven...You must follow His standard. Not yours. You might want to re-read the Bible...This time SLOWLY. Just saying. I love you guys as a sister and I hope this helps you. <3

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