Should people be able to keep pitbull dogs as pets?

  • They're the best type of dog

    Many people say they are bad and dangerous. That can be any type of dog. It depends on how you raise the dog and treat it. Many pitbulls are not mean. I have a few pitbulls of my own and they are the nicest animals ill ever meet. People just post the bad things about them so no one sees the good in them.They are the biggest sweethearts and if you cant see that youre blind.

  • I think people should be allowed to keep pitbulls

    Studies show that Pit Bulls are not even in the top five most aggressive dog breed. The most aggressive dog breed is actually a little bitty wiener dog. Although Pit bulls are sometimes bred to kill, they are really fun loving dogs and will make you happy, and therefore Pit Bulls should be able to be kept as pets.

  • They are your guard dogs

    They can save you from a robber. If you have a pit bull you have a guard dog because they are mean inside so if you hurt the ones it loves it will attack you. So if it is your dog or not be nice to pit bulls because they could save your life.

  • Pits are wonderful

    I have a pit and she came from an abusive situation. We found her in the back of a box van in a cage separate from her mother. She was covered in her own filth, starved and beaten. We brought her home and sprayed her off in the back yard. She was skeptical of us, but soon she warmed up to my family. Her mother went to a different home because we couldn't handle two big dogs. Our pit is so sweet even in the circumstances she had been raised in. I was able to teach her a few commands and now she's sweeter and more loving than any other dog I have. She sleeps with me at night and when I move her around in the dark she does nothing. When babies are over she loves licking their tiny hands. Pits are wonderful pets.

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  • Whats the big deal??

    I think they should some times the owner can train the dogs to do wrong but that's the owner and there have been more smaller dog biting then pit bull biting in the last few years but cops are going to favor smaller dogs because they wont hurt as much to an adult but to a little kid a dog bite is a dog bite one just hurts worst.

  • Pitbulls should be able to be kept as pets

    Yes I understand that pitbulls have a bad rep with hurting people but heres another fact. Smaller breeds of dogs bite or attack people more then all of the ''dangerous'' breeds. They only reason it says people are worse is because people arent going to go to the hospital for getting attacked by some little dog. A lot of the people who are attacked by pitbulls have honestly brought it on themselves. I had a friend who was attacked by the neighbors pit because she kicked it and if someone came up and kicked me, you can be sure that i would probably hurt them right back.

  • Pittbulls are just harmless animals

    It's the owner that makes the animal bad they don't choose to be like that. Wouldn't you be mean if u always got hit. They are just as bad as a Rottweiler. So I say we just give these lovable animals a chance. This is just my opinion on these animals.

  • IF they are responsible

    If the dog is vicious we cant blame the dog for that. We have to blame the trainer. Pit bulls are not bad dogs, they just need alot of attention in order to be as cuddly are a Lab. Recently, they did an experiment: would a neglected doberman, a common "vicous" dog be more belligerent than a doberman that was loved and cared for, with lots of playtime and hugs. The neglected dog was quite vicous, while the cared for one just wanted to play with the vicous one.

  • Yes yes yes

    Pit bulls are loving pets. In the old days they were nicknamed the nanny dog. Many people miss understand because they are thought of as vicious. If you leave them they will get mad. It is odd why people think pitbulls are mean when most are not. That is my opinion.

  • If They Want Home Owner's Insurance, They'd Better Not Have One!

    My hubby & I got a letter, years ago, telling us that "if" we owned a Pit Bull ... We had 90 days to get rid of it. The company (well-known & national) would not cover ANY damages caused by one. They would also cancel ANY home owner who ignored the letter and continued to own a Pit Bull. They also enclosed a form that we had to fill-out ... Acknowledging that we had gotten the letter and understood the details. This, of course, left them free of liability.

    All that said ... We now live in another state, use a different national insurance company, but the rules are basically the same. We were literally asked, when we took out our policy in 2011, if we owned a dog. Then, the company wanted to know the number of dogs and the breed/breeds.

    I don't know if Pit Bills, as a whole, are getting a bad rap. My uncle owned one, back in the 90's. The dog was a female and ate every puppy she ever had. Personally, I find that pretty unsettling. I know this dog wasn't used for fighting, or abused. Yet, she killed her own young.

    As a pet owner, I wouldn't have ANY breed that I was suspicious of handling. For me, personally, a Pit Bull is at the top of the list. I'm not going to lose my home, just to own a specific breed of dog. All it takes is one incident/attack.

  • Its the dog not the owner

    What argument is needed? People and small animals are DEAD. Isn't that enough? I thought that life was precious? I absolutely cannot believe these dogs are legal! If that's the case we should all be allowed GUNS! Nothing else can stop them. You people that own pits will one day answer to your maker. Shame on all of you!

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