Should people be able to start work at the age of 12?


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  • Give kids more responsibility

    Yes, because they would learn to be responsible, and they would get more experience. People would be able to learn valuable skills in the workplace. It wouldn't (obviously) be full time, but you should allow kids to earn valuable experience. That's why 12 year olds should be able to work.

  • In a very limited role, yes

    I think it'd be a great lesson in responsibility if 12 year olds were (because they chose to) allowed to work one day a week at that age, it'd teach them about work ethic early. That's about as far as I would go at that age though, I wouldn't support giving them any significant schedule and I certainly wouldn't support a full-time work week.

  • It would interrupt the educational process of a child.

    If a child were to start working at the age of twelve years old, it would interrupt or lesson the importance of an education. In this country, a proper education is one of the most important things one could have. If a child is working a low-wage job(probably), they wouldn't have the fullest educational potential to achieve a better job in the future.

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