Should people be able to talk on their cell phone while they are driving?

  • Yes, I think they should be allowed because they are just part of life now.

    Because some people need to focus on taking care of business. Yes they may cause car accidents, but if they were they would pull over or something, don't blame them its not anybodys fault im sorry if this offends you but stuff happpens its part of life some people need to grow up texting doesnt kill people

  • If responsible enough.

    They could, only if they know what they are doing. So they could not be like those teenagers who have to be on their phone 24/7 every day. The reason why is, because what if it is an emergency call, somebody died or got hurt, and went to the hospital because they broke their leg or something?

  • We are free in the United States.

    For me, I like the fact that I live in the United States of America and I am free. If the government takes over what is allowed in my vehicle, I might as well go to North Korea and be communist. I think that being on the phone while driving should be allowed, because you can keep your eyes on the road and still have one hand on the wheel. Most people drive that way anyway, especially if they are driving a manual.

  • Yes they should

    Yes they should, drunk driving is illegal and that is the leading cause of death via car, people still drive while drunk. Regardless of the law. Why should the whole population be punished for a few stupid people? Talking while driving may take lives but it could also save them.

  • It's Not Even Dangerous

    You see, talking on the cellphone would be just like listening to music. You might be listening to it on the car radio and still, it's perfectly fine. You might also be singing the words of the song if you know it and it still remains perfectly safe. People think it's the same as texting while driving but it's actually not. When you're texting you have to look at the text message sent to you and if you don't know all the keys on you're phone, you also have to look to type something back. While on the talking side, you hear what one person is saying instead of having to take attention away from the road. Same goes for responding, you don't look at your phone to talk, all you have to do to talk, is speak. As you can see, talking on a phone while driving is perfectly fine, just like talking to someone while walking. Consider what I've said about this topic, it may change your opinion.

  • It does not matter; People should be able to talk on their cellular phone while driving.

    Today there are many laws such as drinking under the influence and speeding which are not followed. Even though we are not allowed to speed or drunk while intoxicated people still do it. If laws banning cell phone usage are enforced they will make no difference to the percentage of car accidents and vehicle deaths

  • Talking and driving should be allowed.

    Well, I guess it does make sense if someone who needs help while driving, calls for another person. And, even if they're talking, their eyes and other ear could still be on the road. So, I feel that people should still be able to use their phones while they are driving.

  • Self Aware, Self Conscious, Self Loving People are allowed to talk on their cell phones while driving!

    Real people; those free of fear, doubt and confusion are capable of thinking clearly enough to make intelligent and realistic everyday choices. These people are not only the only real people who exist, but are more than capable of doing the most simplest things like talking and driving at the same time. If most people disagree, then most people are not real people and should check themselves, because they are obviously to stupid to be considered conscious beings of independent thought and they are dumb for letting their FEAR of conscious multi-tasking ability get the better of them, leading them to make stupid decisions about the most obvious things. The more people have care and respect for themselves, about who they are in themselves and how they place themselves in society, spiritually, mentally and physically… the more aware of themselves they become and the easier their life choices are to make; allowing anyone to be able to talk on the phone and drive at the same time, kind of like chewing bubble gum and walking at the same time….. Let’s not be so stupid as to let common sense and intelligence go extinct, people have to believe in themselves and put some effort into thinking on their own without worrying about anything at all, so they don’t support stupidity, so they don’t support the death of humanity, so they don’t support ignorance towards consciousness.

  • Hands free conversations are no more distracting than conversing with a passenger.

    Talking 'hands free' on a cell phone is just the same as conversing with a fellow passenger. There is no reason one shouldn't be able to talk and drive at the same time.

    Posted by: taidokas
  • I believe people should be able to talk on their cell phones while driving because I still trust that people are responsible and are able to handle it.

    While it is a fact that some accidents occur because people are talking on their cell phones, it is also a fact that accidents occur because people are adjusting their radios, eating while driving, talking to passengers in the vehicle, etc. I believe that it is up the individual driver to be drive cautiously while talking on their cell phones. With blue tooth technology available, I truly believe people can be safe drivers while on their cell phones.

    Posted by: VividDel
  • Too many accidents

    I have observed too many people swerving and come way too close to hitting another person due to a cell phone. I have seen people sit at a light for 2 light cycles and they are oblivious to their surroundings while they are talking on the phone. However, I do believe in an emergency using a Bluetooth device. But if its not an emergency they should say I will call you when I get to work or when I get home. In Denver Colorado there are 50 accidents a day of that 50, 40 are caused by distraction due to a cellular device. 1 is alcohol related. 4 is drug related. 5 is speed. So if we remove being on the phone while driving that number would drop to 10 accidents a day in Denver. That is a 80% drop on accidents a year in the Denver metro area. That is HUGE!!!!

  • We Will be Fine

    They crashes that have a phone out, well the phone could of hit their body a d opened the messenger or contacts list, it does not mean that they were on it. So this is why we should be allowed to drive while in a call with someone. Thank you fro reading

  • Being behind the wheel of a car is dangerous enough

    Holding a cell phone to your ear, or having your eyes diverted from the road by logic and common-sense - the driver is distracted. If an emergency maneuver or emergency braking is needed - a driver has a second to react, and a split second to execute the appropriate maneuver to avoid a collision. Picture doing this with a cell phone in your hand.

  • Texting talking and hands free talking are still dangerous

    Texting requires you to read the text which means you have to have at least one eye on the phone which is not safe even multitaskers will still get in crashes because one eye is just not enough and for calling with hands make a small blind spot at the side of your head and even hands free talking can get you killed for example lets say your in a rain storm trying to merge on a high way and the guy on the other side of the phone is having a rilly intense conversation with you and you have to lisen because hes your best friend and you want to give him your best answer and since your focusing on the conversation you go at the wrong time and crash and if he was your passenger he will probably stop talking becuse he see,s your situation.

  • Only A Little

    I think we should ban texting, but maybe not all phones while driving. It makes sense to use phones to turn on your speakers in the car, but not to be texting someone about where you are going to have dinner and all that what not. I did a project about this in school and I actually found out that people would rather text than call when they are in the car, so that is kinda ridiculous.

  • Those people aren't common

    You all keep saying SOME people are capable. Think about the normal people everyone isn't intellegent so how are we gonna trust that the road is safe? "well having a phone call is different!" no its not how are you gonna answer the phone with no hands or put it to your ear even if you dont use hands your mind isnt focused on the road it doesnt matter how much you climb the tree if you dont get down.

  • They are more likely to get into an accident.

    Teenagers, and even adults have problems with their phones, and when they are away from their phone, they feel empty. Let me tell you, if your goal is to die while on the phone talking or texting than you do you boo. But insurance will go up and you can also go to jail.

  • You need all of your senses to drive

    Phones cause thousands of deaths every year and certain states are cracking down but whether or not you don't need to use cell phone because you or another person could get really hurt. Also2009 there were over 5000 deaths that were phone related so just hang up and drive. The end.

  • It needs to STOP

    Don't put peopl's lives in danger just because you just want to chat with a friend.One second with your eyes off the road could be years of recovery in the hospital because you crashed.So don't even take your eyes off the road once.Even just talking on the phone is bad.If you start thinking about something else then BOOM you crashed even though you were just talking to a friienf

  • Becayeg g g

    If yo crash you dietodays society texting is such a habbit that it becomes a distraction while. Driving and also tempting.I dont want to put myself or others at risk with a cellular device and i wish the Same would be taken into consideration towards me.Your life is just important as mine .Please think of that it

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