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  • I grew up poor

    I grew up poor and was bullied for it. I personally believe that people should not be excluded or judged because they are poor. It may be their fault, sure, but it might also not be. With my fallibly it was my parents own fault for becoming teen parents, but everyone should be forgiven for mistakes.

  • Not necessary, and inhumane

    Even though my stance is naive on this, since I didn't do much research on it, I personally don't believe in assaulting people because of their GDP.

    Poor people however, shouldn't depend on the government. There are other ways for them to pay their expenses other then government one way dependence.

    Posted by: asta
  • I want you try it

    Go and abuse the poor. I shall read about you in the news or may never hear from you. Some poor people do not retaliate but there is that one that will fight back and you will regret it. So go ahead I dare you to try it because I learned that you should be nice to the poor.

  • Not if you want to live in your big house.

    Antoinette had enormous wealth and lived in luxury without a care in the world. She could do as she pleased and was the envy of many. There was hunger in France and someone told her that the people do not have bread to eat. Whether or not she said let them eat cake did happen people believed that she said it. The air head believed people could eat cake if they had bread only to make two mistakes. Cake is made out of bread. And only the rich like her could eat cake while everyone was hungry.
    TLDR Antoinette was punished by the poor.
    So bully poor people and see what happens to you. They have sheer numbers and can think. I would rather fight zombies than a hoard of poor people.

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