Learn Islam and you will understand, I guarantee you. Islam has all the answers and is the fastest growing religion in the world, already at 1.9 Billion Worldwide. In the Quran it mentioned "Every soul shall taste death"- meaning death is inevitable, and Islam indicates our prime purpose in life is to praise God and to do good deeds and to not sin.

  • Not ready to die yet.

    I want to see my kids grow up and live a longer life with my husband, although I do want to be with Jesus one day. I want to raise my babies to be great adults who know they're parents love them. They need they're mommy. Every child really needs a parent and a mommy is very important. I do look forward to heaven one day. But I do think that even if I die old I will be a little scared of death even though I am saved.

  • Honest about ourselves.

    To assume there is not a God that may hold us accountable is a huge assumption. If we are honest about our lives we know that we have not been lived as well as we should or could. If God gives any of us what we really deserve we are all in trouble. Proverbs 9:10 reminds us the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and that only a fool says there is no God. While all religious leaders deal with death, only Jesus claimed to have beat death.

  • Once you're gone for all we know you're gone

    I don't know if I believe in god or if I don't. I have necrophobia, severely and I get anxiety attacks over death. I don't know what will happen to my family when I'm gone, I won't get to see my children grow up and every bit of success I have made will all be for nothing.. If when we die that's it, we don't go to heaven or whatever then it will be like before you were born but the world will go on without your presence. It isn't death I'm so scared of, not the physical side of it anyway.. It's the afterlife, is there one?

  • You have so much potential. You have such a great life ahead of you. And you're a mature, honest person.

    Yes, we all want to live life to it's fullest. And we want to do things like being doctors, engineers, and we have the potential to do so....We don't cause any problems. We don't start things. We don't start drama. So why do we deserve to die? Why go far such lengths to become these things if in the end, you're just going to die - potentially before you even become it. People who don't deserve to die still die. They work hard and aspire to become very successful, but in the end, die because of stupid reasons. That's why you should be scared of dying. Yes, it's a sad fact of reality that we all will experience at some point? But so early? And for reasons that weren't even your fault? You should be scared. You don't want to die, you have such ambitious goals; you want to keep at them and enjoy it, not die. What's the point in enjoying life and trying to become so great if you're just going to die before you actually become it? People should be scared of dying if they have potential and are good people, because they don't deserve to die. Those who aren't, however, shouldn't be afraid, and just live life while they can.

  • Yes, yes, and YES!

    Yes, 110% without a doubt we should be VERY afraid of death. Death isn't the process of dying, it signals the END! It does not mean the end is near. It means the end is here. And once you are dead, that is it. There are NO second chances. Dying sucks. Plain and simple. Yeah, I guess it is better to go out when you are in your late 80's or early 90's than it would be to go out when you are age 40 or under. But, it still sucks, no matter how you look at it. I do believe in God and Heaven and go to church and try to live right. But, I'm STILL afraid of death. People say "oh don't be afraid, you will be going to a better place". Okay, well for starters, tell me, what else do we know other than life on this Earth? Tell me. Please. Has anyone else EVER experienced anything other than this? I haven't. So, unless I'm mistaken, life is ALL we have and the loss of it is by far the greatest loss we can sustain. Think about what all you don't get to do after you are pushing up daises. All the good tv shows you will never even know about. All the good sporting events. The enjoyment of little children like nieces and nephews, grandchildren, and of course children of your own. Kind of hard to know people when you are 6 feet under in a box. So, once life is gone, it's capital G, capital O, capital N, capital, E. Forever. And I say all of this as a Christian who wants to go to Heaven.

  • The desire to live is a fundamental part of being alive so it is only natural to fear death.

    Of course there comes a time when death is something to accept and even embrace - when you have lived a long and fulfilling life, and your body is worn out and ready for that eternal slumber. But if you are a young mother diagnosed with breast cancer for instance, then by god you better be afraid and fight with every fiber of your being and resist going into that good night!

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • It is natural to be afraid of death and long for comfortable and happy life

    If someone suddenly loses fear of death, they become prone to do just about anything. Think of it would you not do if you had no fear of death? Would any of us not act more daringly and take much more risky actions? I think if I lost my fear of death I would of been dead long time ago. That coming from the mind of us army soldier. You never want anyone in your foxhole braver than you are.

  • Eternity is a long time

    After you die, no matter what you believe in, time will still keep going without you. And it will keep going, and keep going, forever without any end.
    Eventually, every combination and outcome the human mind can and can't comprehend will be accomplished, and when that happens, it will all start over, and you can't do anything about it, because the entire time you will be dead.
    Death is a beautiful thing; your body will break down and help the cycle of a beautiful planet.
    But that can wait until later. You only get so long to live your life, and every one thing you do makes you want to do two more, so you'll never achieve everything you ever wanted. But you have to spend your time trying to make it as damn good as possible.

  • It is the unknown that frightens us.

    No one has ever died, gone to wherever we go for an extended time and returned to tell us what death was like. We just don't know what awaits us on the other side. Being religious can help us but the belief is just taken on faith, no proof exists.

  • And then there was nothing.

    Do you remember what it was like before you were alive? That is what death is; a vast unending expanse of absolutely nothing.
    No sights.
    No sounds.
    You will feel nothing.
    You will be nothing.
    Just a whole lot of nothing. Forever.

    After all, your brain is the only thing that keeps you conscious. When it shuts down how are you supposed to magically exist somewhere else?
    God magic? Yea, right. Good luck with that.

    So don't waste what you have been given.

  • Natural part of life

    Dying is a natural part of life and is inevitable. Thinking of something that you cannot control can cause you undue emotional distress and depression and will eventual ruin your quality of life.

    Enjoy this amazing experience and let nothing hold you back.

    Don't believe things without evidence and please donate your bodies to science.

  • No, people should not be afraid of dying.

    No matter what your religious beliefs, you should not be afraid. Your body begins dying the moment it comes into being. The whole growth process is a long step toward death. As the body shuts down, you just really go to sleep. Death is what our bodies work toward their whole lives. Why fear it?

    Posted by: R0m4nticSam
  • People should not be afraid of dying because they are going to a better place.

    People should not be afraid of dying because once you die you do not have bills to pay and you no longer have feelings that can be hurt. The entire world is washed away and all that is left is your bones in the ground. If you are religious, then you go to a better place.

    Posted by: C Robertson
  • Death is natural, there is no reason to fear it.

    Sure, everyone wants to live a full and happy life, but fearing death is irrational regardless of one's religious beliefs. To quote Yoda, "rejoice for those around you who transform into the force; miss them do not, mourn them do not. Death is a natural part of life." It is important for one's happiness to confront it and make peace with it. It is also irrational to fear what comes next, because whatever it is, it can't be that bad, be it eternal sleep, reincarnation, or assimilating into a higher consciousness. Places like hell are childish fairy tales that originated as a means of fear mongering and control. If you strive to live a good life, you have nothing to fear.

  • I believe people should not be afraid of dying because that will cause you to constantly worry and live in fear of something that is inevitable for everyone. If we are afraid of dying then it will cause unnecessary stress and affect our everyday lives.

    Living your life in fear of death will disable you in many ways. A person who is fearful will not live life to the fullest for fear of their life ending for any slight risk they take. It will send them into depressive, scared states that are very unhealthy.

    Posted by: SamsChic
  • People shouldn't be afraid of dying, but it is entirely normal to be!

    Everyone will die. A great deal of effort should be put into not dying before your time, and fear is a great motivator. Instead, we should love life so much that we will cling to it and help others live and live well. It is normal to fear the unknown and by definition, death is a great, scientifically unexplorable unknown. But it is normal, natural and thus, not to be feared.

    Posted by: SayNic3
  • Instead of worrying about dying, people should live their life to the fullest, so when it actually comes, they don't regret it.

    There is no point is being afraid of the inevitable. If you do that you'll deny yourself the right to enjoy your only life. That is not to say that people should not go to the doctor regularly for check ups, exercise and eat healthy. However they should not think about the inevitable because they'll worry themselves to death; it will be a big Catch-22.

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • When nothing is eternal in this world, there is no meaning in being afraid to die.

    No one is ever immortal in this world, and once you've taken birth, death is imperative. When you start worrying about something that is destined to happen, you spoil the charm and joy of your life.

    Once you've taken birth as the most intelligent being in this world, it's our rightful duty to enjoy this life to the fullest. Let's just lead a happy life till the time we're alive, by being good to ourselves and to others.

    Let's remember that a man who is scared of death dies daily till his death, while the one who is not scared of death dies only once and enjoys his life.

    Posted by: R0wHeaven
  • Death is a part of life and inevitable; it does no good to worry.

    It is natural for us to want to cling to life. We have a built-in instinct for survival. But I believe in a better life after this one. So there is no logical reason for me to fear death. That doesn't do away with that natural feeling that I don't want to die, but it helps me put it in perspective. There is fear of the unknown in various aspects of our lives, and yet we learn to try new things without letting fear get the upper hand. I'm better off not letting fear of death be a significant factor in my life.

    Posted by: M4hm0Honda

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