Should people be against organ donation and cloning?

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  • Organ donation has saved many lives.

    When people die, they no longer need healthy organs. Removing them from bodies that are no longer functioning and implanting them in bodies that need them is, therefore, inconsequential. Healthy organs that are harvested from those who are no longer living have also saved many lives. Cloning, also, has the potential to save many lives and even potentially cure disease.

  • No, cloned organs could help people.

    No, people should not be against organ donation and cloning, because people die every day because they are waiting for organs that they need. People who want to live should be able to get organs in any way they want to, and this should include by cloning other organs. This can help them live.

  • Donating Organs Is A Good Thing

    People have the right to decide if they would like to donate their organs, specifically at the time of their death. This can give others an opportunity to strive and live longer, which is amazing. Organ cloning is a new medical field that is picking up traction, it would be good if they make this a viable option as well.

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