Should people be allowed to buy alcohol with food stamps?

  • Yes, people should be allowed to buy alcohol in limited quantities with food stamps.

    Life is tough enough for people who are struggling with poverty. While I'm not promoting federally subsidized alcoholism, I don't see any problem with folks having a beer now and then on their food stamps. I'm reminded of that song "Bread and Roses." "Hearts starve as well as bodies, give us bread, but give us roses."

  • Food stamps should be for essentials, nothing more.

    It's really as simple as this: food stamps, which are payed for by tax money, of course, should only be used to feed people that are in genuine need and don't have the means to even pay for a meal for themselves. That's it, the use should end there. No luxuries, and alcohol is a luxury.

  • People should not be allowed to by alcohol with food stamps.

    Alcohol is a frivolous luxury. It is not a necessity like food, and food stamps are given to people who need help paying for food because of the nature of food's necessity. Alcoholic beverages serve a different purpose than regular drinks and are fundamentally different. People should not be allowed to use food stamps to buy alcohol with food stamps because they don't NEED alcohol like they do food.

  • No, absolutely not...

    "Food" stamps are just that for food or SNAP - Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program ..Again nutrition being a key word...I also do not feel junk for should be able to be purchased. Food stamps would only be for food with nutritional value. I find it ironic that you can purchase sheet cakes from the bakery, candy and soda but you are unable to buy cooked foods in most states - like rotisserie chicken or deli meat. I also have issue with people who get up set about people buying steak over ground beef, etc. I would rather someone purchase a healthier nutritionally dense food then a snickers!

  • No, absolutely not

    No, I strongly disagree that people on food stamps should be able to buy alcohol with them. Food stamps exist so that people with a limited income can buy food necessary to sustain life. Alcohol does not fall under this banner. Alcohol is not a necessary part of sustaining life and should not be purchased with food stamps.

  • Never should people buy alcohol with food stamps!

    Food stamps are government funded. They are to help low income families feed their children. It is not to buy them alcohol or cigarettes. It is shameful just to suggest people be allowed to use food stamps other than healthy and affordable food. If you have to use food stamps to buy alcohol, you shouldnt be getting food stamps at all.

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