Should people be allowed to curse on daytime television?

  • This is life

    Cuz kids need to freakin' grow up and not be ugly chubby babies DUH...
    What I am trying to say is that I think that cussing should be allowed. Most are on adult TV shows so why are kids even watching them? This is life and you have to except it. There is a world out there. Kids SHOULD NOT be able to cuss, although they will learn it. Simple step, pick the romote up and press the button, POOF! The channel is changed.

  • Change the channel

    I think it's stupid that people want to restrict language on daytime TV. If you don't want your kid to hear the language don't let them watch the show. That is all it takes, it is as simple as that. Just change the damn channel and quit being an oversensitive lunatic.

  • Should be unrestricted

    You will hear it all times of the day in the street so why demand it be forbidden on TV? We only think it is wrong because we told to, but once people get used to hearing on during daytime shows they will see there is nothing wrong with it.

  • Children get exposed

    Children normally watch tv during the day so by allowing swearing on daytime tv you're allowing your children to be exposed. Swearing in younger kids increases the chances of them becoming aggressive uncontrollable and simply more reckless. I have a 1 year old niece and I don't want her to start swearing anytime soon.

  • It's only words

    Cursing on television doesn't hurt anyone, most people do not even know what words are considered curse words and which ones aren't. The only time cursing becomes a big deal is when someone makes it that way. If people would quit being so sensitive about the things they hear on the tv and just cut it off if it bugs them so much then there wouldn't be any real problems with cursing on day time television.

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  • Its up to the parents

    At the end of the day parents are in control of what they allow their kids to watch, If they put on something bad then either block those channels or punish your child. Don't stop me from watching what i want to watch because your not a good parent.

  • Cursing is a way of strongly expressing.

    I'm pretty sure there is a bigger chance of your kid learning the curse word from you (the parent) than it is of them learning it from tv. Adults curse all the time, what's another one going to do? Stop the world from cursing? Your child will eventually start cursing anyway. Kids will be influenced to say these 'bad words' more if you say them in person.

  • It should be allowed

    Why do people say no to cursing on daytime tv? I understand that there are children around who could hear it but just grow up and tell them "That is a bad word. Do not repeat it". It is as easy as that. Cursing should just not be on kid shows that's all. If you don't like it just change the channel. It can help with emotional scenes in shows. If the character is angry as hell and is having a outburst they wouldn't watch what they were saying. If the character was crying and breaking down they wouldn't watch what they were saying either. Kids are going to hear the words either way so why ban it on tv? It won't change a thing.

  • Its so stupid

    Kids shouldnt be watching adult shows anyway. Most curse words are on adult shows. If u dont want your kid to start to say bad words dont let them watch the show. Ppl need to be smart about it and think about it. Kids are gonna start to curse sooner or later

  • It’s a disgusting way of showing how they feel...

    Studies show that children aged 2-3 begin repeating what they hear. Once they get into a habit of saying a word, they are not likely to stop using that word. Even if the child hears it from their parents and not from what they hear on TV, where do you think the parents hear those words? On top of that, 65% of children sneak out and bring their devices into their rooms even if they are not allowed. So if they heard their parents watching a TV show with swearing in it, they might think ‘if other people can use it, why can’t I?’ This is the future generation of our world, and even if they hear it elsewhere, banning in it on TV, where most teenagers spend their time, would be setting a better example, and even if they don’t stop swearing, at least it would be a start. Swearing on TV should be banned.

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  • Cursing is just no acceptable.

    People don't want their kids just sitting there when home sick or in the weekends listening to swear words! Like the kids could play outside but it isn't always sunny. Also it isn't just that easy to change the channel as most channels people tune into have swear words in there! Also thanks everyone for the points to help me write my speech!!

  • No cursing aloud

    People are forced to have children watch kiddy shows with learn because now a day there could be a lot of F words in the show your child could be watching. In the old movies people don't even take the lords name in vane. So tell me why do why have cursing today?

  • Think of the children

    Kids aren't always in school so they could hear it and start swearing themselves. Why do we need to swear anyway there's no reason. We can use other words to describe what we want to say. There is to much swearing even parents swear a lot more. We don't need swearing

  • Why not? Kids are at school.

    Kids are at school during "daytime TV" hours. I don't think it's necessary to ban swearing during these hours. On the weekend, sure, and during prime time, sure. But I don't really think it is necessary at any other time of day. This last sentence is just to meet the word limit.

  • Cursing. No. Way.

    Children don't want to hear the swearing on TV. Even though they will hear is sooner or later, swearing should be banned from daytime TV. The parents of the kids are also well aware of what the kids are watching. No more swearing on Day time TV! Thank you. (:

  • Parents of young children and Christians do not support foul language.

    Parents do nit want their small children learning such bad language through something inside thier home. It is an abomination. Small children could repeat those bad words and be punished by their parents or maybe their school and it wouldnt be their fault at all so to the nature of such tv commericals or shows they couod be flipping through also christians do so t condone foul language. Its disrespectful.

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  • No Cursing on TV

    Vulgar language should not be allowed, since people go flipping through channels, and they don't want to hear it. It's not fair for the people who don't want it, and the people who do want it should suck on soap instead of ruining children's lives and giving a bad example.

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