Should people be allowed to drink in the workplace?

  • A small amount of Alcohol Actually decreases nerves, and cause for better production

    Alcohol should be allowed in the work place at least on certain days, because usually at least from my experience people are not as judgmental and it is easier to communicate too, also from my experience I actually become smarter and my IQ goes up after I had a drink. I took a test in an online class and got 95 % after I had one drink whereas without the drink I got 84 % and it was because I was not as nervous. People usually like me better and I click and establish a connection with people more when I had even just one drink. It helps some people not saying it's for everyone though. If you are prone to anxiety having a beer can help you focus as weird as it sounds and not be as stressed out or nervous when you do a task, too many nerves causes a person to screw up. Also when on client calls, you will actually have an easier time talking to the client and getting through to them, then if you didn't have drink and I know I am a much better communicator after I have had one drink, because my nerves are lower, in fact I have been told that by more than one person. Too much alcohol will eventually cause an individual to be too relaxed, but 1 drink won't do any harm. Not saying drinking should be allowed every day but I think once in a while it can be, but yea there has to be a limit, I am not by any means saying to get wasted but one drink is not a crime.

  • Moderate Consumption is Not Only OK... It's Good.

    Beer, when consumed in moderation, has many health benefits, increases creativity, and reduces stress. No one benefits from being fall off the stool drunk, but a beer or two improves morale and isn't the liability that everyone thinks it is... Unless you're into suing people for a slip and fall from a spill you created, or some how believe hot coffee wasn't supposed to be THAT hot.

  • Alcohol, Really, I Don't Think So

    I do not believe people should be allowed to drink alcohol while at the workplace. Employers want employees to be efficient and complete their work correctly. If a person is consuming alcohol while working, chances are they will neither be efficient or dependable. If you did not mean alcoholic beverages, then yes, by all means, people should be able to have whatever hydrating beverage they chose.

  • There's no reason why they should

    Alcohol not only diminishes a person's ability to function on the job, it can also be dangerous. Some jobs involve working with heavy machinery which can be risky enough sober. We all know that driving a car while intoxicated is dangerous so imagine how much worse it is for someone driving a truck or forklift. It can also lead to a hostile work environment when someone who's had a few too many becomes belligerent and starts fights with co workers. It also isn't fair to other workers when someone who's been drinking isn't doing their job, forcing others to work harder to take up the slack. This also hurts the customer. There's a time and place for everything. Do your job when you're there and save the drinking for Happy Hour after.

  • No, work is for work - not for getting drunk.

    You should be focused on doing your job. How can you possibly perform a good job with the possibility that you are inebriated? Work should be done at work, and drinking should be done during recreation hours. I don't understand what work place would even find this suitable at all.

  • No, drinking in the work place is unprofessional

    There is without a doubt, a definite time and place to celebrate by way of consuming spirits. However, when at your company facility, that is probably not one of those times. You expect (or at least should expect) a certain level of professionalism when you enter into a business establishment to conduct business. If you walk in to a department store and the sales representative (clearly inebriated) approaches you and in the middle of her “how can I help you” script vomits all over you that might be a bit of a turn off. Yes, alcohol should be left for those times when you are not at your employment facility.

  • No, drinking at work is not appropriate.

    Everyone has a different level of tolerance when it comes to consuming alcohol. It's not wise for employees to risk acting irrationally at a company event or in the workplace. Alcohol can make a person loud and irate, or weepy and emotional. These behaviors have no place in a professional setting. Consuming alcoholic beverages is an activity that coworkers should engage in on their own time.

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