Should people be allowed to go Vegetarian?

Asked by: squalm
  • Yes they should

    If someone wants to be a vegetarian they should have the right to be a vegetarian not only that being a vegetarian is a very good eating style and sometimes people have to be vegetarian because of heath reason or religious reasons but for the most part being a vegetarian is beneficial to your health

  • Of course we should

    I have been vegetarian for over 7 years and i love it! I am healthy and i don't eat dead animals. I personally believe that animals lives matter and that killing animals is wrong (unless you need to kill them to survive) and therefor i am a vegetarian. People should be allowed to eat or not eat meat.

  • Its their choice.

    Its the peoples choice to go vegetarian. It would be such a massive change to some peoples lives, my I have a friend who's vegetarian I don't hold anything against him. I know a lot of these debates include freedom of choice, but it seems right!
    This topic almost seems unnecessary to debate 'yes' is obviously the answer. Ok it makes some supermarkets and schools pay a bit extra but they can deal with it, can we?

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