• Guns For Everyone

    I personally do not care for guns and wouldn't necessarily want one around. I, however, do not feel it is might right to dictate what others should and should not have. There are many gun enthusiasts in our world and they should maintain every right to purchase those items if they have the money for them.

  • Guns don't kill people; people kill people.

    Unless we could remove every gun and the idea of a firearm from the planet, people will still have guns. If a law requires citizens to turn in their guns, they will have no defense against criminals who keep them illegally. Criminals are deterred from armed citizens, most did not commit specific crimes for fear that the victim was armed. If citizens have their firearms taken away, criminals will be aware and be more inclined to commit a crime. I wouldn't have a problem with ridding the world of guns, it would do humanity a favor; but outlawing guns would solve nothing.

  • People should be allowed to have guns.

    For years, guns have been used to protect people. Just because a certain few people who aren't totally there cause extreme danger and harm to their communities shouldn't bar people who have legitimate interests in owning guns to own guns. It's constitutionally protected that we have a right to bear arms, and if you take that away, you're taking away the true essence of America.

  • The second amendmant says we can

    The second amendment says that we as citizens have the right to carry and bear arms. The reason for this is, that if America evr became a tyranny, the people could fight back, and resotr freedom to us. We need to be allowed o carry gns, so if evil comes, we can beat it back

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