Should people be allowed to keep exotic pets? i.e. snakes, reptiles, fish etc...

Asked by: GMX
  • Yes, they should!

    I personally think that people should be allowed to keep exotic pets. If you are responsible and know what you are doing there really is no danger. These animals also can have an educational value and help younger people realize about all the different types of species that live in the wild, and animals like Ball Pythons and Bearded Dragons pose no threat to humans, bigger animals like Boas can but these animals are usually kept by experienced keepers.

    Posted by: GMX
  • YES. They are animals

    Why not? Reptiles are great, and they can help children learn much needed things that they are learning in science class. It is also nice to observe animals and what they do to gain more knowledge. It cant hurt either way .But just watch out if you are a boy, because they might bite your cock off

  • Most reptiles, amphibians, and fish are near harmless.

    There definitely needs to be regulations as to what kinds of pets, (Tigers or other dangerous animals) but the majority of these "exotic" animals are completely harmless. Under the title animals such as leopard geckos, bearded dragons, ball pythons, corn snakes, and so on are all exotic. These pets are fun to keep (personal experience) and are just as safe, if not safer, than keeping a dog or a cat. Its an enjoyable hobby to do.

  • If they can handle it yes

    You may need a private zoo but if you can afford it yes! For some people money is no issue! And if it is not almost extinct then let them have a hobby! And if they cannot contain the creature then they should have it confiscated and get some sort of fine!

  • They can be dangerous if not handled carefully

    Sometimes the owners are not careful with their exotic pets that sometimes you can see them outside. My old elder neighbor has bad case of heart attack, he saw a snake inside his kitchen and he was so scared, he died of heart attack. The owner didn't lock the cage properly and so the snake got out. I would never want to live near anyone with exotic pet. You just never know. Although, same goes for cats and dogs, they can be vicious too, but I wouldn't want to live with someone who takes care of 5+ different types of tarantulas or 2 or more snakes in their house. Just NO!

  • No more than people should own slaves.

    Evolution! There was a time when many people thought nothing of enslaving other humans. There was a time when women were thought too weak of mind or body to warrant an opinion in matters of government or critical thought. Today, we know that wild animals when kept as "pets", then abandoned or set free damage ecosystems. Today, we know that hundreds - maybe thousands of people are injured and even killed by dangerous animals kept as "pets". Today, we know thousands of animals suffer at the hands of lay people who think they are biologists. No, there is no good reason to keep exotic animals as pets, only selfish ones.

  • Case by Case

    I would lean towards, "no" unless the person had special training and adequate living arrangements for the particular animal. I don't want idiots with tigers thinking it's cool and then a tiger mauls someone in the middle of a city. You should be required to fulfill the necessary arrangements to house the pet properly.

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