Should People Be Allowed to Obscure Their Identities Online?

  • Why would we not like to have the ability to be anonymous

    In some other countries it is illegal to say what you want to say some of these countries are north Korea, Burma, Turkmenistan, equatorial guinea, Libya, Eritrea, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Syria, and Belarus and the ability to hide their identity they can say what they want to say. Also if not for the ability to mask one's identity, political and corporate corruption may go unchecked.

  • People should be able to obscure their identities

    If someone has the same name as a bad person, they may want to obscure their identity and they should have every right to. People are allowed to be who they want to be. Some people may put down a new name because they do not like their name. Everyone should have very right to change their name online. If we are allowed to change their names in real life, what is the difference with online?

  • People should be able to hide their identities.

    The internet is open to everyone and can reveal almost everything about someone. It's dangerous letting everyone know who you are. Your identity can be stolen and stuff they say with your identity can be used against you. Being anonymous should not be shamed upon. More people should start realizing how dangerous it is to let everyone know your true identity.

  • Yes people should be allowed to obscure their identities online.

    Some people aren't comfortable with people knowing their names, so that's why they change it. It shouldn't be your choice because people feel differently, i just feel that people should be comfortable on the internet because that's a place where people can do whatever they want. Also, if your being bullied a bully might try to look your name up and they can easily harass you inside your own home.

  • Yes, People Should

    When people go online, there are clearly going to be (and are), plenty of stalkers and followers on the Internet. If they have access to who you really are and your true identity and profile, it is going to (and already has) made an impact on the ease for the bad people to find you.

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  • Absolutely. Anonymity is crucial in a free and open web.

    One of the key benefits of the internet is it's a means of communication for civilians worldwide. It allows individuals to communicate freely and to express their beliefs, opinions and interests. While identifying oneself may be beneficial in some cases, there may be cases where identification may be harmful.

    One example is whistle-blowers. Edward Snowden is a pure example of what can happen to an individual if they're not anonymous. He ended up having to flee his country in fear of persecution simply for disclosing what he felt was abuse by his government. By allowing individuals to remain anonymous if they wish on the internet, it helps keep democracy's in line when they get out of line, and allows individuals in societies that aren't free to express beliefs that aren't permitted. To abolish anonymity is to undermine the free and open nature of the internet itself.

  • I believe that people should be able to obscure their identities online for security purposes.

    I believe that people should be able to obscure their identities
    online for security purposes. If people
    don’t obscure their online identity, prospective employers or anyone else can
    see anything they say online. No one
    wants to get turned down by their dream job because of something they posted
    online while drunk.

  • Anonymity Is Not A Crime

    With all of the recent headlines regarding government snooping on internet activity, people should be praised for concealing their identity on line and their desire to remain anonymous. So long as a person is not committing a fraud, there is no harm in concealing one's identity in relatively superficial internet communications.

  • No, people should not

    I feel like people should not put their identity because what happens if there is a pedophile and if you put your picture up there they have the rights to do anything with that photo all you know is that person pretending could be a catfish and it's not safe

  • People Be Allowed to Obscure Their Identities Online? No

    Do you know how many people use fake name, lie about their age, so on and so froth. To get kids teens to go with them. . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • People should be accountable for what they post

    People can post false information that can deliberately mislead others without any repercussions. People making changes to Wikipedia can lead many people to believing information is true when it is not. Posts on financial blogs could lead to radical changes in the financial markets based on incorrect information. Some websites now required posters to give their names. If you aren't willing to own what you post, you have no business posting.

  • No. It can cause all sort of mayham over the social media web sites.

    No its shouldnt be allowed. Because of people being able to bully people very harshly over the web and social media websites without the person that was bullying getting in any sort of trouble since their name is hidden to anyone that can see their comment. Also it makes it so they cant be hidden from any sorts of things that they say weather its rude or plain disrespectful.

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