Should people be allowed to own a pet that is not in the pet category? Cats, Dogs, Birds, Etc

  • I say yes

    I say yes because Foxes are the best, And when I get older I want to own a pet fox. I say yes, So people could own pets that they always wanted, But could not because people said a trained little monkey is dangerous. If you want to own a cute pet, That is not counted as a pet, Say yes to the best!

  • Whoever said pets can only come from certain "categories"?

    A pet, By definition, Is an animal often kept for the sake of companionship. Hence, If someone feels that keeping a pet alligator would somehow provide the latter, Who are we to judge? The notion that "some animals were never meant to be kept as pets" is absurd as dogs too were never "meant" to be pets. It was only through domestication and cross-breeding that man has produced so many breeds of canines tailored for human ownership.

  • There is a reason they are not pets.

    So animals are not cut out to be pets. Most wild animals need a lot of space to survive and son animals are just to wild. Yes they my look cute and cuddly in the start, But at some point these animals will have a natural instinct to defend there home(where they where raised which is now your own home) and to hunt. We need to also need to think about home some animals can't survive in the temperature of your house.

  • It is a reason that people don't usually have those pets

    Some pets that are wild animals may be cute, But just because you think they are cute doesn't mean that they like you too. They are wild animals, Who are used to the outdoors. What makes you think that you can just take them out of their home and keep them as a pet. Its bad enough that you have taken other wild animals out of their own habitat that they lived fine in before humans, But taking wild predatory animals that live in the wild is just unfair to the animals thoughts and feelings. But that just my opinion on that subject

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