• Yes, we should be able to own guns.

    First of all do guns kill people no people kill people and do you want some random dude/dudette to walk into your home and kill you no you want to have a fighting chance and without a gun you cant so yeah we should have guns or a lot of innocent people would probably die.

  • Yes, we should.

    I don't care what the law says, I'm getting a gun. You think I'm going to trust the police with my life? They're flippin' useless! Sometimes they're even crooked. And what about my daughter? Should I let her walk around town without a loaded gun? She might get raped or murdered. Gun control advocates just aren't paranoid enough.

    Posted by: APB
  • Yes, to protect from violence.

    In 1979 it was discovered that more than 32,000 attempted rapes, 32% were actually committed. But when a women is known to carry a concealed weapon (gun) less than 4% of the attempted rapes were actually successful, proving that women carrying a guns or other weapons are less likely to face the threat of rape. This, to me sounds like a great reason why fellow citizens should be able to carry weapons in their house-hold, especially women.

  • Yes we should

    Guns are what make the world a more peaceful place. They also help use defend ourselves from foreign and domestic threats. They are also protected in our 2nd amendment that gives all Americans the right to bear arms. In my opinion I would rather have guns by my side over not, in case a robber breaks into my house, I am prepared for action.

  • guns are useful

    If I put a 22 pistol and bullets on a table, more than likely it won't load itself and kill someone... I don't see why people think that guns are such a bad idea. Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. We all heard that before, but do the idiots in the government see that? All you're going to do is make a lot of people mad when you take guns away. You think you're gonna take em, but I do not think so.. You'll have even more deaths over guns then.

  • Guns save lives

    Many people believe that guns are the things that kill people. But it is actually the people that decide to pull the trigger that are the killers. Even if we completely banned guns in the US, People would still find a way to kill others. They can as easily pick up a knife and go kill somebody else. Then if we ban knives somebody can take a car and drive it through a road of human being. People will do anything to get what they want, So I don't think that banning guns is the right way to go

  • Guns are good.

    Why don't we just have all the people who don't want guns have a war against all the people who do want guns and we'll see who wins? For real, Though, Banning guns would do SO much to the economy. What about ones yet to be sold? Would compensation be provided to those manufacturers? Where would that money come from? Our taxes, Of course! And if there's no compensation, That's not fair! And what about all the guns already out there? There's no way we could collect them all. If anything, That just guarantees that the guns go to the criminals because nobody else is going to accept a gun now. Furthermore, There's the whole shooting aspect. Rifle ranges, Hunting, Etc. How do we make up for all that? Furthermore, We get to media productions. If there were no guns, Realistic fiction movies and TV shows wouldn't be able to have guns in them anymore with the same effect. Anyone who owned one would be a criminal. And I haven't even touched the "I need one to defend myself" argument, Though that one is very valid but I feel like a lot of others have already backed that up. But really, We should just have a few states ban guns and people who don't want guns move there, Then just add high security on the borders of those states.
    P. S. All you people who say the Constituion is outdated and therefore shouldn't listen to the Second Amendment are unquestionably fools. Age doesn't change truth when it's actually true. Sure, People used to believe in Geocentric Theory, Which was not true. But the Pythagorean Theorem is old, It still stands. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights still stands. The Constitution was written and collaborated upon by people who were much more intelligent than the current average American in regards to logic, Politics, And things of that sort.
    Also, More people die from car crashes than from gun violence every year. So what technology should we really ban?

  • Gun Rights Needed

    Alright, approximately 16,000 people die each year by drunk drivers, why not just ban alcoholic beverages? Because you have the right to drink and to bear arms. If everyone had guns, the world would be much safer. There are three obvious reasons for guns, hunting, self defense and to protect yourself from a tyrannical government, our founding fathers thought about this.

  • Because We can.

    People should be allowed to own guns. Now alot of people say NO because we already have police, but that is absurd. 75-80% of police officers who get called to a crime scene arrive 10-15 min AFTER the crime was committed. Giving more than enough time for criminals to escape. Another reason is that in America it is a right . A

  • Guns are good

    In switzerland everyone is required to own a gun and their crime rate is literally at the bottom of the world, it is ridiculious to hear all the stupid liberals and government officials say that banning guns will stop gun crimes, if you were a criminal would you rather rob a house with a gun or without a gun?:? My point exactly

  • Are people mad ?

    It's wrong, I understand people have guns to protect them selves or shooting et.birds, animals. But we have people out there who just shoot innocent people for fun. And guns are so easily purchased for people now, so it would just make matter worst. you don't need guns to protect your self, that's why we have police; guns just make matters worst because if you shoot a burglar for instance as they were on you property and you kill them how are you going to live with your self. And we all know that there's a time for death so don't be afraid of it. if your religious if you die god or idols just need you.

  • People are Irresponsible and Don't know How to Properly handle Situations

    People who carry a gun with them normally use it for self protection. Though say for example if a person is carrying a gun and gets into a feuding argument with his peer. He may get so frustrated that he decides to pull out his gun. Next thing you know this person shoots his peer out of rage. There is no need for self protection, that is what the police are for. If guns were illegal we really wouldn't have anything to protect ourselves from. The main idea is that human beings today need to figure out how to settle disagreements calmly, verbally and maturely. Violence is never the answer, it only seems to be the easiest way out. Though trust me, it never is...

  • Guns? No

    If we are living in the USA, a supposedly civilized country, we should not be allowed to own guns. Americans are surrounded by police, government, highway patrol etc. We already live in a police state so if guns are allowed, then only the nuts and crazy people will use them against innocent people. Freedom has nothing to do with the argument. That was a good line 200 years ago.

  • I think that of course people shouldn't have own guns.

    Because gun means war,death,pain,crime. In here (this website), how many people have owned a gun? I don't think anybody. I mean; I'm alive,I'M SAFE, I don't need to gun for protect myself and also if having gun rate is increased, crime rate will increase. Small disagreements can cause a great regrets with guns

  • At least 395 people have been killed in school shootings by guns.

    Since 1996 there have been 78 school shootings. Of these 66 were with guns. This took the lives of 395 people. Would these have happened if guns were not legal? I do not think so. Some say that it is the person that makes the killer, not the gun. I agree, but guns make it far too easy for evil to arise.

  • People Should Not Be Allowed To Own Guns

    People Should Not Be allowed to own guns because of the fact that they provoke violence. 34 People Die Every Day Because Of Guns and the fact that the Government Gives People The Right To Bear Arms Every Since The hooting In Newtown 7,897Poeple Have Died Because Of Guns That's More Than double the Amount Of U.S soldiers killed over the 9 Year Iraq War. Roughly 60% Of This Amount Of People Killed By Guns Were Suicides If People Are allowed to own guns then the amount of suicides homicides and Massacres Will Increase Which Is the total Opposite Of What The Government Wants To Happen Agree Or Disagree With Me Its Whatever Suits You I just know that 7 times out of 10 A Person Buys A Gun To Harm Someone Not For Protection
    By: Kemani H

  • Guns are stupid

    So many people get hurt from owning guns. They get shot accidentally because of someone who owned a gun. Guns can cause serious injuries. Guns are also forbidden in the U.S. Guns can also kill people by accident. So many people were dead because of this problem. Guns should be banned

  • No, People Shouldn't be Allowed to Have Guns.

    I don’t think that people should be able to have guns. More than one hundred fifty Americans are shot daily. Eighty-three Americans are killed each day. One child is killed every hour. At least eight children or teens are killed per day. In the United States, children under fifteen years old commit suicide with guns due to bullying, about eleven times more than other countries combined.

  • No we shouldn't

    People say they own guns for protection and self-defense. However, guns are rarely used that way. Guns are used far more in accidents, criminal assaults, homicides or suicide attempts than in self-defense. For every instance in which a gun in the home was shot in self-defense, there were seven criminal assaults or homicides, four accidental shootings, and 11 attempted or successful suicides.

  • Guns for protection?

    Many state that guns are essential for protection. Well how exactly are you protecting yourself with a gun? If you say that you are protecting yourself from possible dangers with a gun then you are also stating that you would kill another individual in a situation that poses danger. This no longer makes you a person attempting to keep themselves safe because you become a murderer.

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codymatthew1212 says2014-10-31T15:42:33.143
To all you liberal idiots who think we shouldn't own a gun. Put yourself in a alley in nyc and your getting mugged and or your wife gets mugged or raped. Tell me that you wouldn't want a gun present or that you actualy belive the cops will arrive in the 60 seconds it takes to do it? Look at Switzerland. Everyone owns a gun and no crimes. Would you walk in to a bank and rob it knowing EVERYONE in the bank has a gun on their hip? And not only that. What about the people who practice substanance living out in the mountains? Who rely on a gun to feed their family. Guns aren't the problem. Its Parents who don't know how to raise their kids who is the problem. You wana bann something? Ban a knife. A knife has unlimited amount of bullets and can kill JUST as easy. Or better yet. Ban our hands!
Anonymous says2014-12-17T00:26:21.107
Anyone voting no is an idiot. A special kind of idiot. They should spend one minute in their home with a rapist whose burst in knowing that no guns are in the house because they're illegal. When seconds matter the cops are minutes away
And I thought you libs didn't like cops? What if your black.
de-way says2018-01-09T17:44:39.737
You need to know de way my brother

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