• Welcome to the debate

    Do you think parents should keep their child away from fortnite or should they be allowed to let their children play fortnite. My personal preference is that, Yes people should be able to play fortnite because if you can't play fortnite, You honestly shouldn't watch any violent movies or shows because reality movies or shows are very much more violent than fortnite. Think about it there is no blud guys and gore and it's a fun game to play. Ya there may be people that play this game that cus but you can easily just play a solid match of just mute them, Or you could just play with a friend

  • Minecraft is better

    Fortnite encourages children to be school shooters, Then they will say "but they will RESPAWN. " Fortnite is just trash and I would pay for their servers to be deleted and replaced by Minecraft servers like Hypixel or something. Fortnite is for nobs that don't know how to play real games.

  • Fortnite is violent

    You may argue that Fortnite has no blood or gore, But aside from that it's no different from Call of Duty. The main idea of Fortnite is to kill other players using firearms and grenades. And if you think that adding dances and skins make it better, Then you're wrong. Adding a reward system just gives players further motives to kill and wound. And, What's more, If it's okay in Fortnite, Players might think it's okay in real life.

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