Should people be allowed to post on the Internet anonymously?

  • I'm actually doing something on this for debating at school

    I actually glad that there is some privacy regulations due to anonymous
    posting, so if there was no anonymous posting I wouldn't think about posting this. But I also disagree, it could stop cyberbullying as people will think twice about posting rude things, as they could get reported, and people would know who it is.

  • Freedom of speech

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  • People have the right to privacy.

    Although I understand the arguments of those who say that signing in should be required, I also think that people should be able to retain some privacy while they browse the internet.

    Many people say that if you put something online, you should not be afraid to put your name by it, but regardless of whether they are engaging in malicious actions, people wish to, and have the right to, keep certain areas of their life separated from one another. Just as a professional keeps their personal drama out of the workplace, an Internet user should not have to carry the burden of their real life with them when they visit their favorite websites.

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  • Yes they should be allowed to.

    People should be allowed to post on the Internet anonymously as it is their right to not have their identity broadcast. Just as journalist, authors, radio hosts, and many others get to be hidden behind a secret name or be listed an anonymously, so should those who write and post things on the Internet.

  • Yes, they should.

    Yes, I think that people should be allowed to post on the Internet anonymously. Privacy is important and people may have their reasons to stay anonymous. Sometimes it is easier to remain anonymous than to join a certain website, especially if you are just going to post there one time.

  • A person can decide if they want their name publicized.

    Yes, people should be allowed to post on the Internet anonymously. Ultimately, it is that person's choice whether they want their name to be posted publicly or not. The Internet is a great place to roam anonymously as one chooses to. As long as they are not doing anything illegal, I do not see why this should be an issue.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Anonymously posting over the internet is a bit of privacy people should be entitled to. It is wrong and mean to post hurtful things over the internet, but taking away our right to do it anonymously wouldn't stop those posts, just hurt those of us who do not abuse it and use it in a harsh way.

  • Yes, people should be able to retain a level of privacy.

    Although posting nasty comments on the internet is not nice, people should have the right to do so with anonymity if they so choose. So is the nature of the internet. Also, people should be able to post comments and not have to worry about someone seeking retribution. In addition, people may just want to post info to certain people and not everyone on the internet. That should be respected, and the truth is that no one is completely anonymous.

  • False leading info

    Sites like Wikipedia, Answers.Com, References.Com, all of these sites rely on anonymity. It's not right because people use those sites as resource sites for papers or to support other arguments. If everyone on those sites is posting anonymously, then nobody will ever know if that information is factual or fictional. If we at least require a name and a place asking where they got that ceertain information, people might take these sites as credible sources.

  • We need accountability

    People will say whatever they like when they realize they aren't revealing who they are. This allows them to post threats to others or hate speech. When people get hate remarks under their post how can they tell who it is if they're a John/Jane Doe? You can't serve consequences if you don't have an identity.

  • To a certain degree.

    Throughout my years of browsing various sites, scanning comment sections & gathering the general idea of anonymity on the Internet. I can assure you that a lot of individuals act very different behind the so-called "mask" that is their keyboard. Anonymity is beneficial yet very destructive, people show their true forms when they're not held accountable for their actions. For example, people tend to throw out an array of insults because they won't be punished for it. Many suicides have been caused by cyber bullying. From racial slurs to death threats of family members, It's only been 2 decades and we've seen what the internet is capable of. I fear for the path this is heading.

  • NO they shouldn't

    Becuase people say really mean things to others just to bring them down i dont think its right to have people talking about you when they can't say it to your face it's pathetic just if you have something to say, say it to their face instead of using an anonymous site because you're scared to face them by yourself

  • People should sign in

    When people comment on the internet, they should be checked in and identified. If they don't, they may spread false information because they are anonymous. Since they hide behind a hidden identity, they go against the trouble of getting caught or caught in a lie that they started for publicity.

  • If you have something to say, you should have to own it.

    It would reduce the amount of hateful, derogatory or defaming things said about people if they had to register their comments and held liable civilly. As of right now, it's nearly impossible to determine the author of a post or review. This leaves victims feeling helpless and exposed to whoever chooses to defame or harass them.

  • No, I don’t think people should be anonymous online,

    No, I don’t think people should be anonymous online, because that cases problems, confusing and threats. People that will be anonymous on social network knows there will be no consequences, no need to display courage with their convictions and so they take delight in pushing things as far as they can. On the another hand many people in the world do hide behind their anonymity to behave utterly obnoxiously online, to the point where I suspect that if you chose to communicate like this then you have no life and have no friends.

  • We don't get anonmity in life we shouldn't get it online.

    I am not saying let people see what you search online or allow you to give out up your personal info to the world.
    But we need to bring more control over the Internet.

    The Internet is a great way to see what human nature is really like. It allows people to do and say awful things and get away with it. Go on YouTube and you will see tons of people being attacked for anything. We need to monitor it better but I am not saying let the government spy on you and that you shouldn't be free to speak freely it is just a way to fight bullying and crime

  • Absolutely Not,accountability for everyone!

    Until you are on the receiving end of some anonymous person fabricating a story to take you down or possibly out of business ,you will only see the positive side of coarse,every coin has 2 sides. The (common decency act section 230-c ,American sites) also protect these culprits from any accountability .Yes you can post whatever you want on "gripe- sites" like pissed consumer and rip off report,maybe accuse your boss of being a pedophile and he has no recourse whatsoever,try getting a court order from Canada in your defence...Good luck most could never afford to even start the legal process .Thats how gripe sites extort money from the innocent .Do your homework people, everything comes with a price!

  • Another reason not to have children

    This is crazy. Only those without a backbone, credentials and/or an axe to grind will benefit from the anonymity created from these sites. If you have courage enough to say something, stand behind your statements. Privacy will be no more and slander will become a daily practice, if not an expectation.

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