Should people be allowed to protest at abortion clinics?

  • Sure...But I'm still going to do what I feel is right for me.

    Sure, people should have the right to protest anything they want, in a safe and adult manner. You protest all you want but if my life is at risk and I feel the need to go through with an abortion...I'm still doing it. I could care less what anyone else things.

  • Seriously? Is this a joke?

    The West-bro Baptist church protests at soldiers funerals the government doesn't step in there why the hell would they be allowed to here? I hate hearing "abortion is a personal choice," to the people protesting it is a grossly public choice, you're killing a member of society, it's murder to them. Quit crying about a few protesters.

  • Yes, people have the right to protest at abortion clinics.

    Even though I think it is a woman's right to have an abortion, people still have the right to free speech. I personally don't agree with abortion, but I feel that is just MY choice. With that, as long as it is a peaceful protest, we can not take that freedom of speech away from the public. I also don't believe they should be allowed to harass a doctor or patient. It is difficult enough as it is.

  • I hate to say this but

    First of all I am 100% against the Pro-Life movement. I am pro-choice and proud of it.

    I feel like if you want to protest at an abortion clinic then go for it AFTER THE OFFICE HOURS or when the OFFICE IS CLOSED! Do not do it DURING open hours.

  • this shouldnt even be dabateable.

    Its called freedom of speech and only shows how bias liberals are. So much for freedom of speech and expressing your opinion... And yes i also think you should be allowed to protest murder. Only seems right.
    Anyone who says no is obviously bias and again this shouldnt even be debateable.

  • The first amendment.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    "Freedom of Speech": The RIGHT to say what you believe.
    "The right of the people to peaceably assemble": The right for people to be able to come together to do something legal without ramifications.

    Let's see... Gathering on public property in front of an abortion clinic to say what I think. Yeah, sounds completely Constitutional and legal.

  • Absolutely they should

    It falls under freedom of speech and freedom to assemble. As long as it is done on the sidewalk and not the actual property. To deny them this right is a violation of the First Amendment. The women going in are under no Obligation to look so unless there is coercion it's not a problem there either.

  • Freedom of Speech

    One of our most important, referenced, and valued rights as Americans is the right to free speech. If someone wants to voice their opinion, they're freely allowed to do so. The decision to protest at abortion clinics is completely the individual's choice and they cannot be prohibited from doing so.

  • Yes, people have the right to protest at abortion clinics.

    Even though I think it is a woman's right to have an abortion, people still have the right to free speech. I personally don't agree with abortion, but I feel that is just MY choice. With that, as long as it is a peaceful protest, we can not take that freedom of speech away from the public. I also don't believe they should be allowed to harass a doctor or patient. It is difficult enough as it is.

  • Sure, on the public property.

    We can't silence them even though people feel it's a personal choice and a very, very sensitive one. It's America! As long as they do not enter the property and violate private property guidelines and as long as they don't engage in acts of violence or vandalism. Essentially, as long as they do not infringe on someone else's rights. It would be wrong to say they could not, pro-life individuals have just much a right to the first amendment as all others.

  • Forcing anything upon anyone is wrong

    Though some people may disagree with abortion it does not mean that they should influence others through means of protest. What people choose to do is their business and is no concern of anyone else thus making protesting outside of clinics wrong. Peoples opinions do not matter at all when it comes to matters such as abortion and people protesting is forcing unwanted pressure on those visiting clinics and is influencing a decision that only they can make.

  • Anti-choicers don't have the right to change a persons mind.

    Of course the fact that anti-choicers will continue to protest is at hand, but should they be able to protest a place where someone had already made the choice to abort? No, they shouldn't. Everyone has the option of a choice, and the choice should not be changed because of the basis of a group of people. I understand that aborting is killing off a potential life of a child, but in some cases you are truly doing yourself a favor when aborting. Now here me out, because I realize this isn't always true. (And some use it as a birth control) but there are those responsible people who deserve for their choice to be respected.

    When a woman is raped, and they discover they are pregnant. (Random scanario.) The chances of them wanting to keep the rape-baby, is unlikely. And who could blame them? The thought of holding your rapist child would be over whelming, and to even hold that child even for a second before adoption, even more so. (If adoption was the option) Which would be a good reason for the woman to choose to simply abort. Not only that, but there are the times where a woman is uncapable of having the child, and surviving. Now, most arguments would say this is selfish, but in most cases if the womans life is at risk so is the childs.

  • No, people should not.

    Though people have the right to protest, they do not know where the woman who is having the abortion is coming from. Perhaps she truly wanted the baby, but it died in-utero and the only way to remove the corps is through abortion. There are a number of legitimate medical reasons that make abortion a necessity. For a woman to go through the emotional turmoil of an abortion is bad enough without a mob harassing her while she is doing it.

  • No, hell no.

    Anti-Choicers should not be allowed to protest at Abortion clinics. Of course, they will anyway, and we can't stop them, but they shouldn't be allowed to.

    They should not have the right to make a person in need of an abortion uncomfortable. They should not be trying to police the bodies of people they don't even know. They need to get their personal opinions, and beliefs, out of other peoples' lives and businesses.

    I know they're just doing it so they can pretend they care about something, but they never consider a person's reasons (what if the baby is dead anyway and needs to be removed, huh? Not that I think abortion is wrong in any circumstance, but that's an example.) As usual, they probably won't give a damn if the fetus ends up growing up with a very poor quality of life, as long it's born and the mother is punished, right? They just shout like a bunch of seagulls, hold up signs like a group of robots, some hurl abuse like schoolyard bullies, and some try to physically stop patients from going into the clinic like a bunch of dumb guard dogs that are guarding the wrong place.

    They are trying to police the uteri and reproductive organs of people they don't know, trying to make them reconsider their choice, and therefore, force them to be an incubator that they don't want to be. Protesters don't stop abortions, or people from considering them; they just intimidate, and make people feel worse about making a choice about what to do with their own body.

    They should not be allowed to protest at abortion clinics.

  • No people shouldn't be allowed to.

    Although I agree that people have the freedom to speech, an abortion is a very personal choice, and not an easy one, and the protesters cannot possibly know what that individual woman is going through. They are effecting the lives of women they don't know, the mother might truly want the child but it might be the lesser of two evils, or a sign of compassion, if the child to be was seriously handicapped or if the mother's life was at risk, be it a mental risk or a physical, there are a whole number of legitimate reasons that makes abortion necessary. For the mother to go through the distressing turmoil of having an abortion is bad enough without having a cabal of people hurling verbal abuse at her.

  • If your assembly threatens the privacy between a physician and a patient.

    People have a right to privacy in healthcare. People going into a clinic should have a reasonable guarantee of privacy and safety. People have been killed at clinics while seeking healthcare by these right wing nuts. Protesting is fine but not where patients are entering buildings or can be identified as it threatens their privacy and safety. Sidewalks are often blocked by these people. And they set up so that patients seeking medical care have to pass through them while being taunted. Their is no hope of confidentiality when you are being filmed and photographed while entering a clinic.

  • Are they paying?

    Are they going to pay for the child for years to come? They have no right to scream and preach their beliefs in peoples faces who are already hurt by what they are about to go through. No need to feel more ashamed and punished. Then they take videos and post them on YouTube. What kind of bible-pushers are you? They go to chick fil a with their 6 kids and leave all their garbage all over the tables and floor. Scream at women before they go through one of the hardest moments in their life. That doesn't sound like good people to me that sounds like a bunch of savages.

  • A woman is not just a child breeder...

    If a woman gets pregnant accidentally or doesn't want the baby for other reasons, she has the right to abort the fetus. A woman can let a fetus stay inside her, because she wants the baby, but "no being has a RIGHT to live, unbidden, as a parasite within or upon some person's body" (Murray Rothbard). The woman is entitled to eject the fetus from her body at any time.

  • No it's not

    First of all because they have no idea what the female is going thru. Whether it could be a medical reason for her or the baby or a rape victim or hey none of their damn business. If anything I witnessed someone trying to find a clinic one day, and they road right past it but spotted out the protesters and they helped them find the clinic! Then after they found it they changed their mind and they harassed the car. No, I don't think this is right.

  • It Is Pathetic

    It shows how much of a bully you are. It is their choice. I think people should back of and mind their own damn business. It does not affect you in anyway so get over it. Go away. I am neither for nor against it. Even if it was a law to ban abortion then people are still going to do it. Abortion dates back to Egyptian times. It was normal then so why not now. All I am trying to say for those pathetic people standing in front of clinics, Go The Hell Home! Mind your own business!

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Bullish says2013-05-10T01:14:17.683
I think harassment (public or private) is currently illegal in most states. No opinion yet.
Anonymous says2013-05-10T21:08:28.510
I can't really say much about any of it, hence not really having an opinion, but I think people should just leave each other alone and leave them to their own lives. So as people who don't like abortions should not protest in front of clinics, I don't think people who don't like Christians or anyone in any religion or religion itself should protest in front of places of worship either. As I said, I don't really have much to say on this yet.
katrilenyah says2013-05-22T13:37:16.313
Yes, If i remember right there is something in the constitution stating that man is aloud to protest upon a certain matter as long as it is not harmful and is done in a peaceful manner.