• People be allowed to remarry immediately after a divorce

    People be allowed to remarry immediately after a divorce because the United States Constitution guarantees a right to freely associate with anyone they want, which includes marriage. People get divorced for many reasons and putting a limit on when someone can remarry is a burden that should never be allowed.

  • People should be allowed to remarry immediately after a divorce

    People that are recently divorced should be allowed to marry someone else immediately. We live in a free society, and this action does not hurt anyone. There could be a host of reasons for the divorce, and it may have been a long, contentious process. The state should not have the right to deprive someone of this happiness based on a moral judgement.

  • Yes, I don't see why not.

    Marriage shouldn't be a legal matter anyway. Why should the government place restrictions on two people deciding that they want to be together? Why should people be required to get divorces? None of it really makes sense. However, under the current system, yes, if you get a divorce, you should absolutely be allowed to remarry right away. People should be free to make their own decisions.

  • People must think marriage is some kind of joke

    Seriously? People will do just about anything now a days simply because it benefits them to do so. Marriage, first of all, is supposed to be a sacred ceremony between two people joining together to be one within themselves for the rest of their lives. The fact that people are freely allowed to get married and then divorce just like that is just disgraceful. The United States and any other country that allows this is beyond helping. We as a society have effectively trampled over and spit on the sacred ritual of marriage. So let the LGBT community freely do whatever they want with marriage at this point. It's not like we respect the ceremony enough to even protect it from yet another disgraceful practice.

  • No,I think there should be a time requiremnt.

    I believe that a time requirement should be in place for a recent divorced person. After the emotional stress of going through a divorce one should no rush back into a committed relationship so quickly. I think that divorce rates would decrease over time with a policy in place like this.

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