• String of profanity

    The f word can add a lot to a story, it can hold a lot of meaning and that is more or less a words job to have meaning. Also if some one does not like the word they do not have to watch TV that uses it, it wont be in all TV, so banning it seams unnecessary

  • With reasonable restraints.

    If an entertainment show or adult channel wants the f-word in their programming, then they should be allowed to do so. And if those channels do decide to feature profanity, they should have a reminder after commercial breaks and/or a small watermark on the screen to warn watches there may be swearing.

  • It's Freedom of Speech

    Its an invasion of free speech to say that it shouldn't be. It doesn't really matter what offends people, it matters how a company or producer should be able to express themselves, in MY opinion. Its connotation is merely a social construct, despite how cliche that sounds. Cursing in many other forms (and implications) is already allowed.

  • Who are we kidding, stop trying to keep TV clean

    Why are we spending time and money trying to regulate TV content? Who are we trying to protect, kids?!? The world is changing. TV isn't what it used to be. Kids get their entertainment content from the unregulated internet. TV should be self regulating. Require broadcasters to "rate" a show (g, pg, pg-13, etc) and allow them to include content appropriate for the rating.

  • Yes, people should be allowed to say the f-word on TV with limitations.

    I believe that the restrictions that currently exist for when it is okay to use a curse word that is beeped should be replaced with restrictions for actually using curse words. I also believe that channels should individually petition for the right to use curse words without censorship. If NBC wants Jimmy Fallon to be able to say the f-word, then they have to go through the process. If Comedy Central wants Trevor Noah to be able to say the f-word without censorship, then they would have to go the process as well.

  • Its just silly

    "Fuck" is just a word. People need to stop being butt hurt about a word. If they are offended change the channel. If they fear their young child will hear it, put a child safety block on the channels. It is a right of our freedom of speech and nobody should have the input to be able to take this right away from anyone else.

  • No, because too many will find it inappropriate

    It not suitable to say the f-word on TV as too many people will find it inappropriate and there are also many kids who are vulnerable to picking up on this word. It is a rude, offensive, insulting and politically incorrect word. The media has a very powerful influence over people's actions today. It is the reason why people are becoming more casual and nonchalant. People who use f-word in front of other people, without any regard for that person's feelings are rude and this should never be broadcasted or promoted on television.

  • No, people should not be able to say the f-word on TV.

    People should not be allowed to say the f-word on TV. There are many young children flipping through the channel and they should not hear the f-word on TV. The f-word has a very foul connotation and we owe it to our children to protect them from hearing it unnecessarily.

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