Should people be allowed to say whatever they want whenever they want?

  • At least from a legal standpoint.

    The First Amendment is a negative right; that is to say it is a freedom from government intervention. The First Amendment says that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech,” so from a legal standpoint, no speech should be punished. I accept that certain speech will be punished socially. However, people should not be legally prohibited from saying what they want to say, because the government, as shown by the First Amendment, has no power to create laws abridging the freedom of speech.

  • Freedom of speech

    You should be allowed to say whatever you want whenever you want under the law. If you get punched in the face for it, then those are the consequences for your actions. I am a believer in maximum freedom of speech, and SOCIETY, NOT THE GOVERNMENT, should deal with those who say mean things.

  • Its the cost of freedom

    I understand that words can hurt and have a long lasting effect on people however if we weren't allowed to voice our opinions we'd be living in a word full of oppression and injustices. As long as your opinion isn't from a place of hatred and fuel by propaganda then I think it deserves to be heard.

  • The First Amendment

    States that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Notice how it says "no law... Prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech..." I rest my case

  • You should be able to say what ever you want.

    You should be able to say what ever you want when ever you want it because of this simple fact: words hurt no one. Only pussies feelings, they get over it I can asure you. If people punch you in the face for your words, they should go to jail without passing go. Of course you should not be allowed to harass or bully other people, that is just common sense. And that happen any way, ever though we can't say what we want. I have never hit anyone in the face for their stupid fucking opinion, but oh no if i say: i hate all muslims i could go to jail for it. That is just fucked up. I need to be able to express myself without threats or actual violence or false accusations or legal actions. I am Jewish and I have every right to hate muslim, the same way that I hate Hitler, Stalin, Feminists, any sort of -ism and religion, the media as well as the fucking government. Fuck you all, bunch of whores. It's my right to express my hate towards you. If people can't say it, then perhaps theyll act upon their thoughts instead. Which isnt a good thing. I am for peace. Therefore i am for TRUE free speech.

  • Say what you want to a point....

    No one should denigrate anyone else because of colour disability gender or sexuality etc. However beliefs need to be challenged objectively with requisite evidence. And I believe it is the organisation that needs to be challenged not the people. Blind faith is a somewhat difficult subject to challenge as people or members of the organisation adamantly believe in what they believe.....Proof or no proof....That jesus rose from the dead or mohammed went to heaven on a winged horse are absolute elements of the believe and people fervently believe these events happened. These beliefs should be challenged as they are akin to believing in the tooth fairy or father Christmas. In the past people have been burnt at the stake (Catholic church) or more recently beheaded (Islamic state)....People running around believing in things that aren't really there are must have some in confidence or deficit personality and could be dangerous......Like the Catholic Church...Islamic state and other moslem entities. ....These belief systems should be shut down using educational parameters. And people should start believing and understanding evidence and not living in a world of non reality. ...Cmon let's get real.

  • Yes I agree

    People should be able to speak their minds no matter the consequences. Sure, there is a place and a time for everything, but I rather get turned on by all my friends for making fun of someone and sticking up for them, but not saying anything at all and letting them take a beating.

  • Enjoying freedom from censorship is not akin to self control.

    Censorship and self control are two different things. Censorship is never okay. People should be allowed to voice their opinions as they please. That does not mean that it is always appropriate to voice whatever one is thinking. Although people should be allowed to say what they want, they should recognize that it is not always appropriate to say it.

  • Of course you can

    People should be allowed to say whatever they want that doesn't mean that they should say it it just means that they should be allowed to. Most of this is just common sense like at a formal meeting you shouldn't swear or curse but that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to.

  • It is a right.

    Deveryone has a right to say whatever they want when they want. Humans have enough sense when to say something that would hurt feelings or make tensions worse. So no one should be able to rule over someone's speech. If someone says something that they have a right to say, they should 't be punished for it. If you think about it, we have the right. If we weren't aloowed to say what we want when we want we could crazy and make alot of stupid mistakes.

  • They Aren't allowed to say whatever they want whenever they want

    A threat in the United States is considered illegal as it incites violence and everything else that incites violence is considered illegal as well such as shouting "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater. However, simply yelling your point or even insulting someone should not be considered illegal. The government has a role in protecting the people from deprivation or harm. And it does that. People need to learn that when someone yells at you that doesnt mean you are actually in danger. And they need to remember that if the person actually harms them they can get them in trouble.

  • They could be snobs

    If people could say whatever they want and it could effect economy
    be cause they can start getting the confidence about certain things that could get them hurt or even killed like on the news if the anchormen started saying what they it could go to chaos this world would be a living hell

  • People shouldn't be allowed to do this

    People shouldn't be allowed to just fight for whatever because people can get hurt and we need to have a limit to wear to stop. All of these people are getting killed because people are commiting sucide and getting shot from these protests of simple problems that can be solved by having a sit drown talk.

  • There are somethings that should not be said.

    How do you think the public would feel if you get on a train and the guy next to you starts swearing at everyone loudly and won't shut up? We have freedom to and freedom from. We have a freedom to say what we believe, we also have the freedom to not hear what others say if we chose. So in a crowded place where no one can get away like on a train, people have the right to not have to listen to someone swearing and yelling all sorts of obscenity.

  • Bullying Leaves Pain

    As a former bullied victim, I can tell you first hand that to go to school every day and get terrorized absolutely sucks, sorry I don't sound professional, but it's the truth. There are no real punishments for bullies because people still don't understand the terrible challenges victims face, like wondering what it will be today, "fat" or "slut"?

  • Because anyone can get hurt

    No one should do what they want to do. So people do not obey the laws in a good way. People should obey the laws like the government wants the citizens to do in a good way. There are laws in the world. So people obey the laws: by the guy

  • Saying what you want is like eating what you want: just because you can doesn't mean you should

    People sometimes blurt out the most inappropriate things, my rule of thumb is, if you think it may be offensive, it probably is. We are hardwired to be aware of threats, both coming in and going out. If you feel threatened, of course defend yourself, but you should always think before you speak, lest you go on the offensive.

  • No its offensive in some cases to a lot of people

    If you say what you want then you never have anything else to say. At most times saying what you want can be offensive or scary like yelling "bomb" in an airport, or for the offensive section saying what you want could make you seem like a bully because you are telling them what you or others think about them in a bad way. Over all people should not say what they want because you can get thrown in jail or get in a lot of trouble.

  • Not on every occasion

    There are obviously occasions when you should not/could not say whatever you want- verbal abuse and perjury being prime examples of this. Should you be allowed to walk into a crowded theatre and shout 'fire' for a dare? I'm fully pro free speech, but there must be very special occasions when it is not permitted.

  • Slander is rightfully illegal

    I work for BrandYourself.Com. We spend a lot of time helping customers get rid of libel and slander on the Internet. If there was no legal remedy for removing that information, Internet gangs like 4chan or the like could easily generate enough content to completely defile the reputation of anyone they wanted, and could maintain that.

    Information is very important to our society and misinformation can be a dangerously powerful tool, almost like a weapon. Also consider the idea of threats. Should anyone be allowed to threaten anyone they want in any way, at any time?

    I suggest that certain uses of language should be treated similar to the use of a weapon, and be limited by some kind of righteous authority.

    Posted by: wes

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Yin says2013-06-17T14:52:08.123
Should people be allowed to say whatever they want, whenever they want, *wherever* they want?
Quan says2013-06-17T15:42:00.677
Of course they should. By extension, other people are allowed to complain about it.