• WIN WIN SOLUTION, right?

    Isn't a win win solution? For parents for children for government and also for those who will adopt the children.

    For parents : to sell the children they must have reason. Most of them are because they need the money, for survive. To pay rent, to eat. And so on and so far. Selling their child is better for them. They can survive. If they don't, they won't be able to survive. And later how will they feed their children? How will they buy their child a shoes uniform and book for school. Its better for them giving their children to those who are capable to take care and make sure the brighter future for their children.

    For children : its better for them to live with parents who can provide them the facilities, give them love and things they need. And get a brighter future.

    For gov it so much better they will reduce the number of poverty and less problem with children who can't get education and also the poor people problem.

    Sounds cruel but that is reality. Its so much better like this. You can't blame the parents without check out the reason they do this.

    If gov want to accept this proposal they will also have to make good mechanism to prevent crime.

  • It should be fully legal.

    You want to know why? Cuz you can have as many babies as you want, Meaning that you can make a shit ton of money off of it. You matter most, As most airplane safety videos show us. They always tell us that when oxygen masks drop from above, Put your own mask on before helping others. Anyone who disagrees with me should go fuck themselves and live in a bag.

  • You can do this now.

    Here's how. It's legal to take your child abroad. Drive to Mexico, then from there buy plane tickets to some third world country (that way you don't have to buy a one-way ticket for your kid in the US and raise suspicion). Once you arrive in the third-world country, find a brothel or a sweat shop and sell the kid. Destroy his passport. Leave the country the same way you arrived, plane to Mexico, drive to US.

    Oh, and before you leave the US, make sure to move to a new house in a new city. Tell the child's school that you are moving. Cut off contact with your family. That way, when you arrive in a new city, no one will miss your kid. Change your last name and never mention the brat again.

  • When you realise what the proposal is for then you'll realise

    FIrst off the idea of selling children isn't meant for the parents to make a quick buck, it's meant as an alternative for abortion, don't think of it as selling a child like property think of it as paying parents to keep a child alive and give it to someone who will care for it. Because would you prefer the child be aborted.

  • No children for sale

    There should be people for sale we are all human and we should treat each other the same way we are all human no human is a monster if you thing that some people are not right then then you are the one that is not right as a human.

  • What the crap?

    Why the **** would anyone sell their child? If you don't want your kid, you shouldn't be a parent. Put your kid up for adoption so they can have a family that actually cares about them. Anybody who considers selling their child as property does not deserve to have children.

  • No

    Children are people. Allowing them to be sold puts them in the same category as a piece of property, and people are not property.

    If we allow children to be sold, we create a logical viewpoint that people, in some situations, can be treated as property and bought and sold. It sounds to me like that's a good bit of the way back to legalized slavery.

  • No, people are not property.

    No, parents should not be allowed to sell their children. Slavery was outlawed quite some time ago, and rightly so. Children are not a commodity and should not be treated as such, ever. What would prevent people from having children just to sell them? Anyone who wants to sell their children should have them taken by the state as soon as possible.

  • No, children are not a commodity.

    People should not be allowed to sell their children. Children are not a commodity, and if a person or couple cannot adequately care for their child, the child should be given up for adoption or foster care. While I'm not a believer in the government inflicting morality, the selling of a child is slavery, and is so immoral an act that it must be prohibited.

  • No

    If people do not want their children or can not care for them, that is what foster care and adoption are for. Selling children should never be something that is legal, that would essentially take us back to times of slavery, where the children would outright belong to the person who paid the most and suddenly certain features would be worth more than others and it would cause children to develop complexes at very young ages.

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