Should people be allowed to smoke E-Cigarettes in No Smoking areas?

  • Vaping isn't Smoking

    No smoking areas are meant to keep smokers away from non-smokers, and that's fine with me. But e-cigs aren't tobacco cigarettes. There's no health risk from secondhand water vapor that dissipates almost immediately. It doesn't even smell bad or put ash all over the place like cigarettes. There is absolutely no logical reason to ban vaping anywhere!

  • Do not fall for Mass Media reports...Use you head its about the Money!

    In short, Yes. There is no reason to fear the vapor. By treating vapor as smoking you are saying quit or die all over the looks of something. Not to mention the utter Nannyiness...
    In saying "They are the same thing" you basically give no reason to quit or option to have a safer alternative;I have no problems with age restrictions, or businesses saying no, but I can guarantee I will not spend my money there...There is plenty of Proof that is available from sources independent of interest saying Vaping is safer and poses less harm than. Urban air.
    Please feel free to ask me for the studies, I am.Willing to happily debate this.

  • E-Cigarretes are still cigarettes!

    Just becaise E-Cigars use water vapor, it is still unhealthy for people to be smoking. Later on, they'll get used to the idea of smoking, so they'll just begin smoking A REAL cigarette! Plus, it is pretty annoying and unlawful for people to smoke in resteraunts, subways, etc. I mean, personally, I wouldn't want someone waving a bunch of smoke in my face and crying out, " This is legal! This is legal!" And the smell... Peeyu! Quit smoking today.

  • E-Cigarettes are still cigarettes indeed.

    When you see a no smoking area, it damn well means no smoking. It doesn't matter what you're smoking; if you're smoking in a no smoking area that's a big no no! Even a car with an exhaust pipe shouldn't be allowed in that area. Any shape, type or form of smoking is banned from that given perimeter! There are plenty of other places to smoke. Heck, there are more places you can smoke than not smoke. Stop being lazy and move yourself to a place you are allowed to smoke.

    Smoke is smoke. To smoke in a no smoking area make no sense. You might as well throw out the whole no-smoking zone completely. Or change it to "No-smoking UNLESS YOU HAVE A E-CIGARETTE. We allow that type of kush. #objectracism

  • Of Course Not

    Even it was named "E-Cigarrete" , it also cause a 'second hand smoker' which more deadlier than who smoke itself. In No Smoking Area, is prohibit to smoke because there are human rights there for people who doesnt smoke. If you want to smoke, please smoke at smoke area :)

  • What's the reason why they should?

    Smoking is smoking. Rolling a joint, using a cigarette, cigar, hookah, electronic cigarette, -whatever! The point is, all are dangerous to inhale and exhale, nobody wants to breathe that stuff in, that's why the area is "NON-SMOKING" Your bad habit shouldn't mean the others around have to suffer with it.

  • No no no

    If the smoker is not careful, the place might catch on fire. And it is inconsiderate because not only the smokers are harming their own body, but they are also harming the people around them's health. So thus, smokers should not be smoking in No Smoking areas. And they should not be smoking anyway as well.

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