• Of course it should be allowed in bars.

    Smokers need places to enjoy themselves, and bars traditionally have been an adult environment. And of course, bars can still choose to ban smoking, if they don't want to allow that. To me it's extremely silly to forbid all bars from having smoking, due to obnoxious puritans who try to oppose every little activity they may not approve of.

    Also, people way overblow the secondhand smoke issue, IMO. Last I checked, a brief bit of exposure to smoke in a smoking allowed bar will NOT cause one to get cancer, or other ill health effects. It may be annoying to someone, at worst. But of course that's what the free market will resolve, that a lot of demand already exists for no smoking bars. Don't patronize smoking bars, if you're that annoyed that they choose to allow smoking.

  • Owners should decide if they'll allow smoking in their bars...

    ... And patrons should decide whether or not they'll patronise said bar. Why is that so difficult? If you don't like that a particular bar allows smoking... Drum roll... You can find another bar! And smokers who need to smoke will... Drum roll again... Go to the bars that allow smoking!

    Man, this rocket science is reallllyyyy hard stuff.

  • Should be allowed

    Tobacco is a legal product, therefore bar owners should be able to decide.
    Second hand smoke fears are completely overblown, opponents act as if radioactive substances are being waved about. If second hand smoke is so dangerous, outlaw tobacco entirely just as you would handling live uranium inside the bar.

  • People should be able to smoke in bars that allow smoking

    Freedom of choice is being violated. People who are upset about second hand smoke should be aware that every time they walk down the street they are inhaling pollution from cars, buses and various other vehicles that are just as or even more harmful than cigarette smoke. Why don't they start banning cars from public areas? Why cant a business owner choose to have a smoking bar or a non smoking bar?

  • Yes, it should be the owner's choice.

    Yes, people should be allowed to smoke in bars, if the person who owns the bar decides to let them. There should be some bars for smoking, and some where smoking is banned. People should be able to vote with their feet and their dollar where to attend. People who like to smoke would enjoy going to a bar where they can smoke inside.

  • Freedom of private business choices are paramount

    There were non-smoking bars in states that now ban smoking in bars, when their weren't laws. It is freedom of choice for a bar owner to let their patrons smoke or not. It will be the choice of patrons whether or not to frequent that particular bar, and their by continue to cycle of the free market. It's not the government's business to tell bar owners what they can and can't do as far as smoking.

  • I think that people should be allowed to smoke in bars.

    I think that people should be allowed to smoke in bars. Nothing goes with alcohol like a good
    cigarette. I can understand if states
    want to outlaw smoking in office buildings, but it doesn’t really make sense to
    outlaw smoking in bars. If people can
    legally drink there, they should be able to legally smoke there.

  • Yes, bars are where smoke belongs.

    I do not smoke, but when I go to a bar I expect that there will be some smoke. In fact, I kind of like the smell of beer and smoke in that kind of environment. So I do not think that this is the place where smoking should be banned.

  • Smoking In Bars Should Be Allowed

    I think that smokers should be allowed to smoke in bars. I really do not see a problem with it. Bars should indicate whether they allow it or not and smokers should respect each bar's rules. That will ensure that there is no misunderstanding or controversy on the issue of smoking.

  • I do not think smoking should be allowed in bars of any kind.

    Men and women go to bars in order to watch sports games, relax, and converse with friends. There is nothing I hate more than eating a burger while inhaling another persons cigarette smoke. We, as Americans, choose to consume harmful substances. However, those who do not shouldn't have to suffer. Just because one loves to smoke does not mean that they have the right to force their habit, through cigarette smoke, onto others!!!

  • No because it could get others badly sick.

    People should not be ha able to smoke in bars because it could make the alcohol to strong or make it killibale. They should not even be able to smoke and you should not even be able to drink so their should not be bars no smoking at all people

  • No they shouldn't.

    I do not think smoking in a bar is okay, but smoking outside of it or on a patio should be acceptable. Inside the bar makes it so everyone has to constantly inhale this other persons bad habit and that is not fair to all the people who do not smoke or want to smoke ever.

  • Smoking in public should be banned

    If you are a smoker then that means you have made the choice to put something into your body that is bad for you. There is no reason that the people around you should have to deal with your second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking the cigarette yourself. You should do it only the confines of your own home.

  • No

    Bars are for everyone. Not just people who are throwing away years of their lives smoking. Bars in the public are places where people go to relax and kick back. They do not go to bars to get lung cancer. If someone wants to smoke, fine. It is their life and it is completely up to them, but in a public place where other people are around they should not be subjected to second hand smoke.

  • No, people should not be permitted to smoke in any public place.

    There is no reason to go back to allowing smoking in bars. Second hand smoke is dangerous to everyone. A person's right to smoke is less important than the everyone else's right not to breath polluted air that can kill them. If someone needs to smoke that badly, they can go outside and smoke.

  • I think it would be a dumb idea to let people smoke in bars again.

    Second smoke can cause serious damage to the regular patrons that do not smoke, also to the employees of bars that might not smoke either. It is better off to smoke outside of the bar and when you are done you come back inside.

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