Should people be allowed to walk around with guns?

  • Responsible People With Guns Do No Harm

    Depending on what state you live, there are probably people walking around you at any given time, in the public, that are carrying guns. Most states have some form of concealed permits and these individuals should be allowed to walk around with guns. Any person that is capable and responsible enough to complete training and obtain certification should maintain their right to carry.

  • People should not carry guns

    People should not carry guns because if we did then their will be more people died. People will not be save in the streets or anywhere else. People would maybe move to different states or country's and in that state or country their would just people that want drugs or anything's else. This is why I think people should not carry guns. Thanks for listening. ;)

  • No they shouldn't.

    Beyond the fact that they only add violence to this corrupted and difficult world, they aren't of much use. In America, a developed country, we have the police to protect us. If no civilians were to carry a gun, there would be nothing to defend ourselves against, hence the uselessness of these lethal weapons. The only way to get weapons would be illegally; the people desperate enough to do this would be so determined that it wouldn't make a difference wether one has a gun or not.

  • No they shouldnt.

    Allowing everyone to walk around freely with guns as they please would only amount to having more violence in this world and we do not need that. Its unsafe to allow everyone to carry a weapon and most people dont know the right time to use it and when not to.

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