Should People be aloud to take a knee during the National Anthem?

  • It's a legal form of peaceful protest

    The 1st amendment gives Kaepernick and other players the right to kneel. U.S. veterans even signed a letter encouraging them to exercise their freedom of speech by doing so. Former president Barack Obama said Kaepernick was simply exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. So obviously, America, the police, and Veterans know than these brave players aren't trying to offend them.

  • They have the right to

    People seem to forget that the Bill of Rights allows people to peacefully protest their government in the form of freedom of expression. As long as they aren't physically harming people as protest, they aren't breaking any laws. The people that say that they are disrespecting the troops by kneeling forget that the troops are the very reason that people are allowed to protest. In other countries, kneeling for the anthem would probably get you thrown in jail or worse, so I'm glad that people here can protest like that without that kind of risk.

  • I Don't Find It To Be Productive But They Have The Right To Do So

    It's freedom of expression, but I think people who kneel for the national anthem could be protesting in more productive ways. Obviously it's created a lot of awareness around the issue of Black Lives Matter, but the issue already has enough awareness, it needs action. Those who kneel for the national anthem should try and use their influence to lobby the government, so they can get police departments to change their ways. Or something like that.

  • Freedom of Expression!

    If people feel as though they want to kneel during the National Anthem they should be allowed to. Some people may feel as though the country does not equally represent them and standing and respecting a flag that does not equally represent you is just pointless. Also taking away this right would be unconstitutional because the first amendment states that people are allowed to have freedom of expression and by kneeling to the flag it expresses that they do not have equal representation.

  • Yes, In this great country.

    This is the beauty of America, opinions are not shrouded by differing opinions. I agree that people should be allowed to kneel. If we criminalize kneeling, then we start to become more like North Korea, where differing opinions could get you thrown in jail or executed, this is exactly what America was founded against hence why it's our FIRST amendment. HOWEVER, I DO NOT AGREE WITH KNEELING TO THE FLAG. It is disrespectful, disgusting, and they are ungrateful for what they have. They do not realize how nice it is to live in the United States.

    In short, People are allowed to kneel, but I disagree with the action.

  • It's their choice

    The 1st amendment protects their right to peacefully protest. None of those people who are kneeling "hate the troops" or the America itself. What's more American than exercising your rights? If they didn't care about America, they wouldn't even be protesting in the first place. Whether you agree with them or not, they clearly care about America and want to see it change for the better.

  • I think that it doesn't matter if you kneel or stand.

    Because if your kneeling or standing its still having respect for the people who died its just the way some people pay respect during the national anthem. But some people dislike the national anthem because they wan't it to change and they don't like some parts of the national anthem then some people like the national anthem because they care only about the people that died in the wars and the people that have lost their friends.

  • Yes cause it's aloud

    You should be able to cause its something that you believe in and you are not disrespecting the army or armed forces cause you are doing something that you believe in like racial inequality. They still might believe in kneeling for our flag only cause people aren't treating them right so that it was some people believe in you are taking that away from them they are trying to get a message out there

  • You’re changing the whole point

    Originally, This started when Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest the racial inequality and police brutality. Then, Conservatives saw this and switched the meaning and said he was protesting the troops. The fact that they try to ignore a serious situation by switching the meaning to something irrelevant to the cause is baffling.

  • The First Amendment supports kneeling

    It's a legal form of peaceful protest - The 1st amendment gives Kaepernick and other players the right to kneel. However, the NFL is a private organization, and they do have the right to order their employees to stand during the national anthem. That said - I do not agree with this rule the NFL has for its employees.

  • I neal at the cross not to the flag!

    I neal at the cross not to the flag! I do not by any means support the foot ball players nealing during the National Anthem. I is a disrespect to the Veterans how fought for your freedom to play football for a living. SO RESPECT THAT! And do act like stuck up I can do what I want to kind of person only because your famous!!

  • It's extremely disrespectful

    This does nothing except show the world that you do not respect those that fought for your rights to express your feelings. Real heroes don't have names on the backs of their jerseys. They have their countries flags on the arm of their uniform. This is Home of the Free, because of the brave. Not because of overpaid athletes who would be respected so much more if they actually weren't hypocritical to what they were actually protesting!

  • It is so disrespectful!

    Read these! It might change your perspective on things. . .
    https://www. Biography. Com/people/pat-tillman-197041
    http://usflag. Org/more2. Html
    i really really hope you read these stories. It made me realize how much is sacrificed & given for us to have the rights we have. People who fight for us have to leave everything behind! (examples: home, Food, Money, Family, And most of all their comfort zone)

  • Taking a knee means division and that's not what America is about.

    Our country may be rough around the edges, But we are working hard to improve. We are still a very new country after all. The pledge symbolizes the start of our country. Our country was born off of patriotic unity and will always be unified under one nation, Indivisible. When we stand for the anthem, We stand together. This ceremony is one of the only customs that really reminds us of our ability to come together, Even through the darkest of times. Our country was built this way, And it will stay this way. “We are only as strong as we are united, As weak as we are divided, ” said J. K. Rowling. So you can see that what Colin did was impulsive and unwise. He disrespected the custom that makes America, Well, America. He kneeled alone in front of a whole country of united citizens that were standing for the freedom and unity we so valiantly fought for in the past.

  • Athletes should not kneel during the national anthem

    Its an oxymoron! They are sitting down disrespecting the flag which gave them the freedom to kneel in the first place. If you were handicapped while serving in the military how do you think you would feel watching celebrities disrespect you and many others. I am not saying they do not have the freedom to express there opinions. However, I do not think it is patriotic to kneel during the national anthem.

  • It is a disrespectful act AND it is not peaceful protest.

    The idiots that are kneeling during the national anthem are not protesting our country. They are protesting police brutality. POLICE BRUTALITY! Something you should not disrespect our military and our country for. Go protest outside a police station. No body want to see your protest! We actually stand and respect our country. Quit being lazy an stand up for the flag. If you hate the country so much, Than just leave.

  • What ever happened to this nation

    If someone would kneel during the national anthem 20 years ago, They would be publicly shamed. Now this world has no respect for anybody. Especially stupid athletes that just want to make it worse. I hope it comes back to bite them, If they need help fighting for rights elsewhere I hope the U. S. Ditches them. All they think about is themselves and not this country that brought the African Americans out of slavery. Money can only buy happiness for so long.

  • It's disrespectful, And generally misinformed

    Kneeling for the National Anthem isn't heroic. It isn't even a real protest either. The most common reason people kneel during the Anthem, Is because "America hasn't done anything for them", Which is total bologna. The United States government has done so much for all of us. It's provided us with our Military (one of the strongest in the world), Freedom of speech, Freedom of press, And law enforcement. (Side note; the ability to kneel during the Anthem isn't freedom of speech, And the NFL is a business, So it can take that ability away from you, While you're at work, Like if you trash talked your boss, You'd be fired) Now I know you hate me using police as something the government has done for everyone, Because you think "why should we care about the police, They just kill blacks! " but the thing is, They do more, And better, Than kill people. The way the media portrays it, Cops kill innocent black people every 10 seconds. Let's say a white cop kills a black serial killer. The medias reaction would be "Omg the police are sooooo eevviiiiilll".
    But now, Let's say a black cop kills an innocent white man, Hunts him down, And even shouts racial slurs the whole time. The media's reaction would be "Eh, Who cares? " Want some evidence of my claim? The same day Trayvon Martin was killed (Which was still a tragedy, Don't get me wrong) 5 white men were killed by police, But remember, Most of the criminals didn't give the cops other choices. The police aren't perfect, But they aren't the KKK

  • Aren’t veterans and policemen the whole reason why we got our first amendment rights?

    I’ll be brief here. NFL players claim that the First Amendment blindly gives them the right to protest out on the field. They’re getting paid more than millions for doing this, Too! They are protesting against the 0. 0001% of our police force, While the other percentage fought for our individual rights and died as a result. And now NFL players are spitting in their graves. Horrible.

  • It's a right but not right

    Clemson University football coach Dabo Swinney said in a press conference: "I don't think it's good to be a distraction to your team. I don't think it's good to use your team as the platform. " President Obama expressed concern that not standing for the national anthem can get in the way of the message: "As a general matter, When it comes to the flag the national anthem and the meaning that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who've fought for us -- that is a tough thing for them to get past to then hear what his [Kaepernick's] deeper concerns are. " Malcolm Jenkins, Safety for the Philadelphia Eagles, Supported Kaepernick's message but said, "My grandfather served [in the military]. And this is a country that I love. So, Me not standing for the national anthem isn't really going to get me the results that I want. "

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