Should people be charged for offensive messages on social networks?

  • People should not be charged for offensive messages

    People should not be charged for offensive messages on social networks. This is because of the fact that the state of being offended is not in any way really harmful. Being offended is a weakness that the person who is a "victim" of an offensive message chooses to allow themself to be.

  • Depends on how offensive

    This is a very good question that I honestly haven't given too much thought of. In a way, if the message is extremely offensive, I mean flat-out racial offensive, then I feel repeated violations should lead to an eventual fine by the company. I think it would make people think twice.

  • Online does not mean not public

    If you are online and sending messages to another individual you should be held to the same accountability as any other forum. If you are found to be harassing the person or being sexually abusive you should be punished in the same way. People often forget in social medai they are still talking to another individual.

  • Yes, people should be charged for offensive online messages.

    Saying something inappropriate online is not vastly different from making the comment in person. Often people post offensive messages on social networks because it is an indirect way to express negative thoughts without being met with direct conflict. However, words are still words--and words can still do damage, whether they are typed or spoken. People who engage in slander, even online, should be punished.

  • Yes, I do believe people should be charged for offensive messages.

    No matter the charges may be, those on social networks agree to the terms of the network before joining. One of these rules is no offensive language, let alone offensive messages. In the real world you can face charges for harassment over the telephone; offensive messages are comparable in my opinion.

  • Not any more than in other places

    "Offensive messages" is a really vague term, but it's my inclination to say not they shouldn't. People are free to speak out about what they want, no matter how offensive they are. It's dangerous territory to begin censoring that and monitoring it. The freedom to speak freely, even on social networks, should be guarded.

  • Offensive Messages Not a Crime

    Nobody should be charged for posting offensive messages on social networks. In reality, each person controls what they allow onto their network feeds, and they don't have to see offensive remarks if they don't want to. Therefore, a person can't be charged for offensive remarks because that's a stupid penalty.

  • People should not be charged for offensive messages on social networks.

    People should not be charged for offensive messages on social networks. Although offensive content is not nice, it is protected by our freedom of speech. As long as the message does not commit any kind of crime, there is nothing illegal about it. This right is protected by the frist amendment.

  • Who deems what is offensive or not?

    The problem with charging people for 'offensive' messages, is that 'offensive' is a relative term and it all depends on who is judging. This can be dangerous because it could lead to a serious stifling of free speech if everything remotely considered offensive by some person or some group can lead to charges. Free speech is more important than protecting some from being offended, in real life and on social networks.

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