Should people be considered legal adults at the age of 18?

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Yes, Teens Take on Adult Responsibilities, and Should Be Treated as Adults

    An 18 year old can join the military and serve with honor. He or she has been
    driving for a year or two, taking on adult responsibility with that privilege. Most
    people this age are high school graduates, and most have held some kind of
    job. An 18 year old may still have some growing up to do. However, the same
    is true of many people in their twenties or even thirties. Most people this age
    have adult skills and meet adult responsibilities. Therefore they should be
    treated as adults.

  • 18 is Adult.

    Though people are still somewhat financially dependent on their parents at the age of 18 I believe that they do have enough life experience to be considered an adult. Maybe some young people are not ready to accept responsibility at this age but their needs to come a time where one can be held accountable for their actions, ready or not.

  • Confidence comes with independence.

    When you treat people like children, they begin to act like children. I believe the same thing happens with adults. At 18 many teenagers gain a boost of confidence and independence. They know that they are able to do things they weren't able to do before and start to act more mature. I'm not saying that every 18 year old is going to handle their new privileges with respect, but a lot of them do. To those who say being a legal adult should mean more than just being 18, it is more than that. Being a legal adult also means being able to vote, live on your own, be independent, and have responsibilities. In this time and age, 18 is about half of the average life span, waiting until 1/4 of your life is over is ridiculous.

  • College needs adults.

    College is the defining moment in childhood: the end of it. If you are going to college, living on your own, working on your own, driving on your own: you are an adult. It only makes sense. What would happen if the age was increased? We would be shredding the Constitution and keeping eligible voters from voting.

  • People should be legal adults at 14.

    People that are 14 years old are big already. They can Take on their own responsibilities and make their own decisions. At 14 people should do about everything. Like everything what you can do at 18 such as vote, get a tattoo, get married, drive, sign things without your parents, do things without their permission, live on your own, etc. They should have those freedoms. They like being treated big as being young adults. Then, maybe have the drinking age and few other things at 18 or 14 as well.

  • People should not be considered legal adults at the age of 18.

    The reason I believe that people should not be considered legal adults at the age of 18 is because they have not stopped developing the frontal lobe of their brains yet. Most kids live with their parents well into their twenties and have to rely on them until they get their education or find a job. Being a legal adult should mean more than just being 18 years old.

  • No, the legal age of adults should not be 18.

    At age 18, children are just graduating from high school. Many go to college and still depend on their parents income to get the pell grant. They are confused and just getting ready to start their lives. I don't think they should be thrown out their to fall on their faces. You have to be 25 to rent a car, some places required you to be 25 to rent a home. You depend on your parents income until age 24 to get the pell grant. It only seems natural to have the age of adulthood should be 24.

  • Teenagers are not adults!

    At the age of 18 you are still a teenager. I hate the fact that society wants you to grow up and do adult-like things when you're just a teenage kid. That's why so many teenagers have kids, drink, etc. even when they shouldn't be all because of the fact that they BELIEVE that they are adults. It's really stupid. Just because you're allowed to vote and join the military DOESN'T mean that you have the ability to fully support yourself, maintain a job, and ACT LIKE A FULLY GROWN ADULT. Some 18 year olds still live with their parents and there's NOTHING wrong with it! Even at the age of 19 you are still a teenager! I really don't care about what anyone else has to say because all society wants you to do is grow up quickly and take on these stupid responsibilities even when you're not ready to.

  • Underage people who deserve to be considered "adult".

    I firmly believe that 16 is a reasonable age to be considered an adult. In today's society, it's not too common of a belief or situation; however there are many individuals out there who are 17 and under who have logical thinking and compose themselves to where they earn the respect of an adult. While this is a smaller fraction of all 17 year olds and under, these individuals should not need extra care, attention, and/or restrictions just because of age. Child-labor laws end at 16, so they may as well end child minor age at 16 as well. I also believe that majority should be dictated by how mature and responsible one individual is, as there are many who have the mentality of 18 at the age of 16 or better. With this in mind, I believe that these people that are considered minor deserve better. 18 years is pushing a bit too long just to be considered an adult

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  • No absolutely not

    Because 18 year olds don't have the man power to automatically know everything and how to do everything all in one second. Also it doesn't sound like adult quite yet. I mean I'm 18 I don't feel like an adult yet but I do think 19 is the adult age not 18. I just tend to think when someone turns 19 they have enough experience and it sounds more like adult which I don't get why 19 has the word teen in it but generally I don't think they should have any legal age but if they really want and need for there to be a legal age it should be moved up to 19 instead of 18 but it's also that not only the fact that people just consider a bare number an adult is the thing that bothers me it's the way people talk about they talk about it as if it's everything and start obsessing over it like crazy non stop and don't respect other opinions and just treat us as if we live in a dictatorship.

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