Should people be discriminated against because of religion?

Asked by: zandal947
  • After careful consideration

    Basically this question asks should you be discriminated against for what you believe. I say yes. Should you be discriminated against for believing in a different God? No. Heaven or Hell? No. But when it comes to things that make a difference to others and your beliefs harm other individuals then yes you should be judged on those beliefs and should be able to defend them. We look at all the nice and most popular religions when thinking about this but some religions are much more frightening. There was this interview where the men said there God told them to rape women. They should be judged and discriminated for this belief. I believe not wanting to tolerate someone because they believe it's ok to rape women is a fair reason to not want to work with someone. In conclusion, everyone should be judged on what they believe because their core values are apart of their character. If their values include things like what the Westboro Baptist Preach or the men i listed early then they should have to face the judgment on believing these things. That's why you should always be able to backup or defend what you believe

  • Flying spaghetti monster

    If I believed in the flying spaghetti monster I'd probably be made fun of and called crazy. Native american's danced for the rain gods, but they're silly right? Obviously our God makes much more sense. Charles Manson said he was the second coming of Jesus. But we call him crazy. Some guy says he's the son of god 2000 years ago, and we all bow down to him. Religion caused more harm and death and hate than anything else on this planet. God teaches us to love one another, but hate the guy who believes in a different god than us.
    If you pay thousands of dollars to some all perfect pope, or don't eat pork because some magical man in the sky says not to; you should been seen to have slightly less common sense than the rest of us

  • Yes they should

    What if youre a person on trial for some kind of crime, do you want to be judged by a jury of people that believe in something without proof like faith? I would want to be judged by people that use logic and reason to make decisions. How about the guy that can launch the bombs that kill all of us, think about it, if he believes in some book that says end times and the afterlife is great, to bad so sad. Or that one guy with one bomb that believes killing nonbelievers is a good thing because his god said it was. Faith.....Bad, logic and reason......Good. Question everything thank you for the question.

  • Certain religions are dangerous, and is a choice

    So if you want a safe society, you must discriminate against certain religions that promote violence and murder. Some religions promote religious killings, terrorism, etc. Religion is a choice unlike ethnicity and biological gender, so it is definitely fair to discriminate against them, especially if it contradicts human rights and freedoms and the overall safety of a society.

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  • We are not in this religion of our own

    I must say that this religion based discrimination is wrong...No matter we belong to Hinduism..Sikhism..Muslim or chiristanity...The thing that matter is only that do you have power humanity inside you.............
    If you have then no one can not force you to choose a particular religion....Its your choice what you want not what others want ...Its all about you choice...

  • News flash! Your faith applies to you. You're not being discriminated against because you can't discriminate against others!

    Keep your beliefs to yourself. You may cry religious discrimination when government tells you that you cannot say what you believe, or stops you from going to your house of worship. You may cry foul if someone says you must have an abortion, or you must marry someone only of the same or opposite gender.
    You can certainly decry the horrors of it all when you are forcibly shipped off for gender reassignment surgery that you don't want. You can tell me about how the best parts of America are being eroded when the government tells you that you can't posses your own religious texts or pray in your own home. But let's be clear, your "sincerely held religious beliefs" apply to you, not me. So, please apply your faith to yourself, not me.
    There is a very clear line between religious freedom and religious overreach. You cannot discriminate against the public by refusing them services or controlling their lives and call that religious freedom and be accurate. Imagine a Muslim told you or your wife to get out of their restaurant for not wearing a headdress. Suppose a shop owner or manager refused to let you in the store or sell you goods because of your skin or eye color. It's not the erosion of religious freedom to prevent and stop these things. It's the erosion of religious discrimination and discrimination in general. As many faithful say, don't focus on the splinter in my eye, worry about the log in your own.

  • People choose to believe what they choose to believe

    Race, gender and sexuality are all superficial biological differences. Religious differences are substantial and are made by choice. To be a part of one religion, makes one bigoted against all others.

    It is time to abandon dark age superstion, but when we feel the need to protect insane, irrational thinking, we promote all the bigotry it causes

  • It's your choice to be religious.

    You aren't born as a religious person. While you are born of a race, gender, and sexual preference, religion is something that you either choose or is forced upon you by your elders. Nothing good comes of religion, it is divisive and serves no good purpose. Religious people deserve to be discriminated against for holding such idiotic beliefs. When the only evidence to support your religion comes from one lousy book that is thousands of years old, you deserve to be laughed at for being such a fool. Religious people should also stop teaching this garbage to children, as it borders on child abuse to tell a child that if he or she does not believe that they will burn for eternity.

  • Nah, No, Nope

    Let's look at it this way, say your a atheist/Christian/Muslim/Jew/Buddhist/Hindu, etc. And you went to school in a place where people predominantly dislike your religion and you endure discrimination simply for your belief. Is that fair? I think not. Buddhists should not dislike Muslims simply because they form a significant portion of a Buddhist country. People should not discriminate against Muslims simply because a group of them did despicable things - for example Muslims in Canada VOLUNTARILY exposed an upcoming terrorist attack. Not all Muslims are out to get you. In fact, most aren't. People shouldn't hate Jews just because they have different beliefs. Muslims shouldn't hate Christians just because a group of them behave horrifically towards some Muslims. So, why can't everyone relax and back off?

  • It is wrong

    If you believe that some one is going to hell for some thing they do not control or because it "goes against the natural order" then you definitely have some problems and need to stick your nose out of peoples asses and mind your own god damned business because it is not your life and you should not be able to control others because you are a delicate little snow flake

  • Of course NOT!

    Yes, there are some religions out there that have questionable beliefs. But, that's their opinion, their beliefs. Also, we can all learn different things from different religions! Some religions believe that all life is important! Some religions believe that it's important to be kind to others! Secondly, do you know how boring it'd be without all of these amazing religions? Having one religion in the entire world would be like everybody looking the exact same!
    "True religion is real living; living with all one's soul, will all one's goodness and righteousness."- Albert Einstein.

  • Never should some one be treated due to there colour or religion!!!

    Were all the humans. Do we not have the same eyes? Have you not the same hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions as a Christian, muslim,buddhist, hindu or jew? Aren't we all fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as each other? If we have so much in common then why hurt each other because in the end we'll all feel the same !!!

  • Hell to the nooooooo

    Listen if you were living in Iraq and you were a Christian and you were being discriminated against for believing in things like that how would you feel. Do you know why Muslims now have a lot of hatred towards us. It is because we started by not liking that they did things differently than us like wearing hijab's. If we had just been compassionate to everyone we met and not given wrong more wrong everyone would be in a better place. Remember religion does not define a person.

  • I said no

    I said no because everyone has the right to believe in what they want to believe, and should be able to practice it in whatever way they want to. We should not have all of this discrimination just because there is different religions out there. Everyone should be able to do what they believe as long as it is reasonable.

  • Religious discrimination is not legal

    No matter what religion we follow, we are human beings we have the right to live. The people who discriminates are illiterate and they don't have the attitude respect and tolerance.It is totally illegal that we deprive someone from their right to perform their religion.We all are the same and we want peace.

  • Why should you not discriminate aganist people becasue of their religion?

    Oftentimes, it is because people are unfamiliar with other religions and are afraid about what they do not know about but that does not mean that you should discriminate other people. That is not right! Everybody should be able to practice their religion regardless of race, gender, and/ or, beliefs.

  • Its the people not the religion.

    No, religion is just merely the tip of the iceberg for people most often times religion is not bad, its people who twist it for their uses in political agendas. I believe that deep down people really believe this whether they want to or not. Besides if you look at it from a neutral point of view you can step out of the circle for a minute to honestly say if a fictional book tells you to do something would you? I mean not saying religion is not true but it is the only way to look at it from a neutral party. If you look on the outside looking in that's the way it seems, and therefore the people should be held liable in what they do alone because its the people that count not the religion itself.

  • I thought this was a free world...

    No other religion is more dominant over any other. Nobody should and can justify that Christianity is a better religion, or that Shintoism is better, and ect. Just because one person does not believe in your religion does not make them lesser at all. Value and religion do not go hand in hand, and it never will as long as the people of this world can see that. No religion is flawed or perfect, because as a race of people with many diverse beliefs we have no right to call each other unequal because of these differentiating beliefs. Discrimination in any matter such as religion, race, creed, sex, gender, or sexuality is vile and is not a progressive stand point for the human race.

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