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  • Should people be fined for not recycling.

    People don't care most of the time about what the put stuff in like how sometimes people put trash in the recycling and recycling in the trash and other times people just throe it any were and it starts to effect the environment.And if you effect the environment the air gets nasty,it's all cloudy and so forth.

  • We need to start recycling!

    I mean sure we're worried about our financial issues, but we're talking about our world here! Earth is our only home to live in so we should take great care with it. The pollution these days are getting dangerous such as oil spills. Even animals are getting extinct! It's okay to be fined as long as it's on a reasonable price.

  • It can be nessisary

    Think about it! All the places you can go and not have to worry about trash laying around. Baseball games, football games, like any kind of outing. Even going to the movie theater you wouldn't have to worry about trash laying around or a plastic bottle in the trash because it will go to another use in the future down the line. It take roughly 400 billion plastic water bottles to circle around the earth and there is enough pollution to circle the earth 700 times! Think about all that pollution! Do you like being alive? Well if you care enough about the earth you will recycle the proper way! And if you can't there should be a consequence because if some people recycle and do good for the earth everyone should want too.

  • Save the world keep us safe from pollution

    If we do not recycle the air wold get polluted and the space on earth would get really crowded with trash allowing us to throw away the trash on the seat on the space. Plus if we recycle the trash we can turn old stuf in to new stuffbut if the world gets crowded with more and more trash we wold half to fined a new planet to live on.So let's take care of only home

  • People should start on the habit of recycling

    Nowadays more and more air is polluted and more and more people start to fall sick easily. Moreover , the weather is getting hotter and hotter due to the holes in our ozone layer. Why is there holes? Because lesser people reuse , recycle and reduse the amount of using plastic bags moreover , litter can be found every where. However no matter how others promote recycling , people still does not do it . Hence i think the only choice to make our fellow friends and people to recycle is to fine them. In conclusion , I may not agree on giving fines , however if this helps the world , why not?

  • People should be fined for not recycling

    I believe people should be fined for failing to recycle because plastics and other recyclables are being thrown into landfills and is not good for our environment. Its not trying to control people, its meerly just trying to clean up our environment because it has come to everyone's attention that we are treating the earth so badly.

  • Yes start recycling

    Because a big reason that there is global warming is because were not recycling. OK maybe not fined but still having to do something like cleaning up a park or something that will help the Earth. Also then we can have more trees to climb and have some fun in the environment.

  • It's important to recycle

    Recycling helps keep the world healthy. If we don't recycle we're not doing our part to keep the world healthy and the world will get sick because of us. We need to keep our only home healthy or else we will suffer the consequences of not recycling like losing our only home, the Earth.

  • We should recycle

    Recycling helps save the world from pollution, if we don't recycle, we don't have a clean world, that's just the way it is. People should have to pay if they don't recycle because that teaches them it's not ok to not recycle and they will one day learn recycling is important to the world

  • That is impractical

    How would we even monitor "recycling"? Would you have to recycle a certain amount, and how big would the fines be? I am all for recycling, but enforcing it with a fine seems like it is more trouble than it is worth. Why not just educate people more about recycling and its positive effects?

  • How would we know who recycles and who doesn't?

    Well, some people recycle and some do not. How will the people who should fine whoever does not recycle know who recycles and who doesn't? Let's say we find a way. Wouldn't it cost much more to examine every person's garbage than all of the money the country or city would get by fining their citizens?

  • Why should we be fined?

    Recycling Actually Pollutes Sure recycling helps the environment a bit, but there is also reduce, and reuse. The recycling factory actually lets out smog when it melts the glass, and plastic. Recycling is also a expensive procedure. Besides, you should be encouraged to create less waste, and reuse it, rather than recycling it.

  • This is a Free Country

    People should decide what they want to do. It is there problem whether they recycle or not. People who suffer from poverty would take a big hit and might rebel against the government. Even if people started to recycle, the government would have to pay a lot to check who isn't recycling and in the end almost nothing would happen. This is a free country!

  • Why should we?

    Recycling is a very good thing and I believe it is good in our society, but doesn't this go against our ideals? America allows for freedom, and doesn't this go against that? Look at ObamaCare and its popularity. This is very similar and will most likely be ABSOLUTELY hated by the society. It's our right to chose, why impose against that?

  • Poverty...Think about it.

    People who suffer from poverty will take a big hit if they recieve a fine. They pay for it, they get dragged down more. What is more important, fining people for not recycling simply because they don't have the time to or are helping others or feeding hungry children who seriously are famished so much they scavenge from trash left behind by people who forgot to recycle.

  • Recycle is a good thing bat if you have to pay fines this is not good people will get angry

    We live in a free sociaty so why should someone be fined for something that is his desision?So what happens people get angry then they stop doing it and at last they pay fines? Nooooo if you just tell them what is write ior wrong they will do it .

  • Save the Earth!

    The Earth only has so many trees and resources. If people get fined to recycle, then less people will do it. I mean, if you work for the recycling plant, then of course you won't want it to be free! But is your paycheck really worth it? Our time on Earth is so short so we should try our best to leave as much like we found it as possible.

  • I thought this was a free country!!!!!!!!!

    If you don't want to recycle, then they don't recycle. Sometimes, people forget that there is a recycling bin or sometimes there IS NO recycling bin. Recycling is a good thing but sometimes things happen. Sp people just have to deal with the fact that recycling is not the all and the be all!

  • Paying redemption value (tax?)

    If I'm going to be charged a so called 'deposit' (aka redemption value), it seems that the product is now mine and I can do with it as I please? Remove this tax from all of my recyclables and I'll get on board. Fines on top of taxes... Just what the US needs more of.

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