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  • Ppl should vote it is d basic rule of democracy

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  • I would vote if.....

    There was a section for "none of the above" in todays circle of painted faces and chosing a lesser evil maybe a new form of government might be needed. Sometimes we need to throw the baby out with bathwater. For years now we have been acting like a bunch of thoughtless sheep not thinking for our selves.

  • We're free to vote.. Or NOT to vote.

    Fining a citizen for not voting goes against the principles of a democracy and of the freedoms we supposedly have as Americans. What would forcing someone to vote do? Yes, in a perfect world everyone should vote, but do we really want people going to the polls who are apathetic about the government? We certainly shouldn't make it difficult for any type of American to vote, but it would be a terrible idea to basically require everyone to vote.

  • No, some people are too busy or are electing specifically not to vote.

    Voting can be a time consuming endeavor or conflict with a person's schedule. Booths are not necessarily open all day and night. Sometimes there are traffic jams or weather problems that complicate getting to a booth. In addition, there are often long waiting lines. Not only that, but taking the time to research the candidates and measures can be time consuming as well. Not voting can also be a form of self expression and rejection of the system.

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