Should people be forced to accept homosexuality?

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  • Being gay is wrong

    And I don't know why it is being forced upon the world. The fact is that it stemmed from paedophilia and slavery from early times. Why would anyone think it is normal to go against nature? Next beastiality will be legal and people will start marating dogs and horses for their own sick pleasures.

  • Nobody is forcing anyone to accept homosexuality

    If you want to hate gay people or choose not to accept it then that's fine as long as it's infringing on a person's right or liberties. For example, if you are a boss of a company a shop and you don't like gay people, you have the right to not like gay people but you don't have the right to deny service to a gay person. However don't be surprise or angry when people see you as a bigot or ignorant cause of your opinions.

  • Forcing one only breeds hatred

    Sure, a person can be forced against their will to do many things if they see no other alternative. But does that mean they will ever embrace the ideology freely? So the question doesn't really mean much cuz by using the word "forced" the question is answered already. Brings up the idea of American slavery.

  • Not at all

    Honestly, I don't think you should force anyone to do anything against their will unless they are negatively affecting someone else. Furthermore, I support personal freedoms. So if someone doesn't want to accept anything that's on their own free will and authority. No one should be subject to anything less.

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