Should people be forced to respect everyone?

Asked by: donkal
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  • I do not think it would work.

    Don't get me wrong,I am all-for respect. Children should call their elders not by their first names, and other such things I consider very important, but the way this has been stated, in my opinion is nonsensical. Because if forced I think that the sinful nature (in you're not Christian just call it human nature or instinct) would drive us to rebel against it and the problem would become worse. If someone doesn't have a reason to respect someone, or more common, has a reason to not respect someone, tan they will think there is no point and The other point I have seen is that respect just isn't something you can force, it should be earned or at least understood why it should be given. For example...
    If a child where told a mans name was John Random, he weird most likely call him "Mr. Random", or"Mr. John". The reason for this is respect. The child may not know if the man is smarter than him, or if he deserves respect, but he knows it is polite. Respect is polite. A book might say, "they sat in polite silence while she talked." But it could say, "they say in respectful silence while she talked."

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