• I believe companies should be able to make someone retire.

    I work at a company that has a lady that is 73 years old. She works in the office. She is constantly panicking over the simplest things and yelling at employees and customers over issues she has thought up herself that are non-existent. She over complicates EVERYTHING and will interrupt employees work due to her self made issues. She really doesn't do anything because she is not mentally capable of performing the majority of the job duties she once filled. She has worked for this company for 13 years. She falls asleep at her desk several times a week and has to be woken up. The company owner and management do not want her doing actual work because of the way she acts and the fact that she makes so many errors because of her age and the fact that she will not listen to anyone. She still tries to complete tasks using the methods this company used years ago rather than the new, more efficient methods she is told to use. This causes other employees to have to redo most of the work she has "performed" and are told not to say anything to her. She can barely even write a legible memo because she shakes so bad. Some people should be forced to retire. She should not be working, and does not have to work. She has a very nice retirement account that would do her well. People like this should not be working. It makes it harder on everyone else, and they actually serve no beneficial purpose to the work place.

  • Yes, they should retire!!!

    Eh, I know this sounds heartless, but let's be real. Most people work because they don't save, or they don't have anything to do. And, to be quite honest that's not fair.
    I hate going into the office and half of the office workers are over the age of 60. And, their not looking to retire any time soon. Their mostly rude, jealous, and power driven.
    Most of the time they hate you because you're younger, they never want to teach you anything out of fear that they'll be out of a job. They will not keep up with the times. I can count of my hand how many times we've done things like its the 60's. Sorry, that was heartless. I just would like for once to go to work and talk to women my age, same interest.

    And, let you not work with women older than you. And, if you're young and pretty, Omg. Everything is about your age, your looks, your size. If your not jumping for joy to talk to them, your negative.

    Elderly people, if your reading this. Just retire. There's nothing bad about it.

  • That is right,

    The next generation should be given a chance. Old people have already worked for a long time and they should have collected enough money for their future. Some people should be forced to retire. So, people be forced to retire at a certain age. Young people are looking for jobs!!!

  • Retirees taking jobs

    They take jobs that young people need. They usually have no mortgage and are doing it for "something to do" they don't need the money and are inflexible and not willing to change with the times and always say " well that's not how it used to be" well it is now. Get over It

  • Pass the torch

    People over seventy should be forced to retire. They made it in the work force, and the younger generation should be given a chance. The average lifespan is eighty. The elderly cannot perform the job as well as a younger person, who is more agile, and open to change. Thanks

  • 4 types of generations in the workforce, what could possibly go wrong?

    Old people are living longer the young are having more kids and work is still hard to find. Instead of saying "people should work for as long as they want!" you should be saying "people should work for as long as it takes for the next generation to catch up"

  • No way sometimes they need money

    I don’t think that teachers should be forced to do anything, Especially if it’s cutting their money down because sometimes they need extra money instead of getting it slowly from the government for retirement and sometimes they hate retirement it's too boring and there's nothing to do so they need something interesting in their lives so they need to work so you can’t just force the elderly to quit or fire them at a certain âge unless its hurting their mental or physical health I don’t think it should be such a problem so why don't we just back off and not interfere with their lives if they want to continue to work then let them continue to work I don’t see a reason why we should stop them unless it hurts them we should let them do whatever they want unless they did something that got them arrested it seems fine to me

    But on the other hand it can completely destroy their lives without them knowing so i suggest we should have a healthcare environment for people over or 80, Or at least the boss of these seniors should know how their health is going to know what jobs they should be downgraded or upgraded to so that their physical or mental health is compatibal

  • You'll be that age soon enough.

    So many snivellers posting in one place. You're aging just as fast as the next person. In some cases you're aging even faster by the looks of some of you. Don't think you have it all planned out and will be rich by age 50. Life happens. Many, Many people don't have money and must work. Deal with it unless you want them living in a homeless encampment on your block.

  • Everyone should be able to work as long as they want

    There are older people in this world and they love their job and when they turn a certain age, they have to retire. That isn't fair. If that person loves their job, they should be able to work as long as they want. They shouldn't be forced to retire if they love what they do everyday, even if it's an elderly person.

  • They should not.

    If They don't have a job they can't make money. Its just so so so so so so so so so so so so so sooo so so so so so so unfair to the elderly. In that case, people should not be forced to retire at a certain age.

  • Not with not against

    More than 3 million people around the world graduate each year having no job, how can we stop this? Maybe forcing people to retire is a good idea? But some people actually enjoy working because it gives them something to do. Not everyone likes being at home most of the time. And it's a loss for a company to fire a person who is perfectly capable of performing his or her duties, isn’t it? But I think that new college graduates are enthusiastic and motivated. Most of them are willing to work for significantly less salary than “experienced employers.” also as we know most jobs need employers who know how to use technology easily and most of the old hires don’t know how. Well i guess it's a hard decision for a company to choose new graduates or experienced hires, but if i were a boss for a company i would keep the experienced ones and employ the graduates. In this way the experienced would have fun enjoying their job and the graduates would get a good job and with a good salary that would help them to build their future.

  • Help the eledry

    I dont think it s fair either these people are wise engough to keep working so the are wise engough to stop.M y research for my paper we are writing thiss for states in japan there is an 116 year old man working in JAPON. IT IS NOT FAIR.SAY NO

  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act

    The ADEA states that: ensures that older workers
    receive equal and fair treatment in the workplace. It protects most workers forty years of
    age and older from arbitrary age discrimination while on the job. It also seeks to support
    the employment of older persons based on their ability rather than age.

  • People should work for as long as they want to or need to.

    Some individuals actually enjoy working because it gives them something to do. Not everyone likes being at home most of the time. Besides, why unnecessarily "fire" a person who is perfectly capable of performing his or her duties?

    The other issue is that some individuals must continue working in order to make ends meet. If those people were forced to retire, it would be a considerable struggle for them to survive financially, even with an assumed pension given.

  • People Should Work Until They Don't Want to Anymore

    People shouldn't be forced to retire at a certain age. It's a free market economy and someone should be able to work until they don't want to work anymore. The age of 65 in many countries was set back in the 1930s during the Great Depression when the average lifespan of humans was just 69. Now, people live to as many as 10 years beyond that. People should be able to work as long as they want to in terms of a retirement age.

  • No, peole can work as long as they want.

    No, people should not be forced to retire at a certain age. It is my belief that their are those who genially enjoy what the do for a living. If they were then told that they had to retire, it would probably crush their spirits. Also, their are the few who have not taken the proper measures to acquire to proper amount of money for retirement. Therefore, if those people are than told that they have to retire, they could not support themselves financially.

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