• Forced to Vote, Forced to be Educated

    I believe that people should vote for a couple of main reasons.
    1. You live in the United States, you are a law-abiding citizen, you should vote on the decisions which effect your everyday life. This brings me to my second point.
    2. I agree that many people are not educated thus meaning that they should not be the ones deciding our future; however, being "educated" doesn't mean you can't have views. Most people, believe it or not, are either a. Republican or b. Democratic. These people will then obviously always vote for their favored side. If we force everyone to vote, we have a complete poll of what America, uneducated or educated, really wants. The fact is; we can never ensure everyone will be educated... But we can ensure that everyone has a voice.
    I guess a better answer to this question would be that I think they definitely should vote, but using the word "force" definitely could cause some dispute...

  • Voting: A Basic Duty

    Nations are not built in a day! Nor by few people. It is the collective effort of all that counts. And that effort of common people is VOTE. Voting the right person into power will bring a change that everyone desires. Better cities, parks, and a healthy economy.
    Everyone cannot do all the things in the world. That's why we appoint right people to execute a particular job in the right way.

    Voting should be made mandatory, for the benefit of the country. Everyone depends on its country’s governance to prosper. Let it be economical or social independence.

    By making voting mandatory, we would sensitize all the people politically. This would ensure that the candidate elected performs. Most of all, it would bring power of choice, right to question our elected candidate, to the people.

  • Your vote is your future,

    Yes, people should be forced to give votes, they should have the ability to think for whats better for them, it is these people most of the time who dont vote and then through out the leadership of the ruler they are complaining about the leadership qualities of the ruler. If you dont vote you dont have the right to complain as well!

  • Yes, They should.

    Our democracy is starting to be based solely on money instead of who our actual candidates are that we are supposed to want in office because of his or her plan to run things. People can still submit an empty ballot but the point is to make more people aware of the elections and more aware of our policies. Studies show that when people are already committed to something they stick with it instead of brushing it off.

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  • You should vote

    People want to vote but never do if we do not vote are rights to vote will be taken away your right to vote .In 22 states if you do not vote you will be fined $20, then 5o s you should really try to vote this year in the election.

  • We should vote

    Since we have the rights why not use them. If you don't its basically saying i don't want the rights. Its a privilege so use your chance. If more people of your age vote the parties will try to appeal your age more. That is why I think you should have to vote

  • Fighting for Right to Vote

    Many of our ancestors have been dying for the right to vote. Everyone wants a say in whom may take power for our country. Each race and gender has fought to get a say in politics. What was the whole point of fighting to vote if in the end, some people just choose not to vote.

  • Voting isnt hard and there are a range of options to choose from

    There are many options for people to choose who they want to vote for and surely one of them could fit the wants of the voter. The voter does not have to rush they can read the statements given and try to establish who would be the best to vote for

  • Compulsory Voting Encourages People to Gamble on Other Peoples Fate

    I understand why some people think it should be compulsory, as it does kind of encourage people to think and take part. But, it's not like betting on a sport where if you lose, for the most part, you're the only one that's affected. The future of an entire country/community depends on the choice that's made!

    For example, let's say I had to vote between Candidate A and Candidate B for who'd rule my country. After hearing both sides argue their points, I truly don't know which one to favour. But, because I'm being forced to choose one of the 2, I make a guess and choose Candidate A because I think that's who my friends and family would want me to vote for. Then, in the future, we find out Candidate A was a bad choice who was/will cause many innocent people to suffer. So, I guess I then have to get the blame for not guessing the right candidate and causing everybody else's suffering.

    Voting is a human right, no question about it. But it should not be an obligation. Voting should only be done by those who are confident they know which side to vote for, who clearly favour one side of the other and are prepared to face the consequences if they make a bad choice. Not by people who leave it to chance for what their and everybody else's future will be.

  • Compulsory voting is not real democracy

    People should be free to decide whether or not they want to vote. If they don't care who gets in, they should be allowed not to vote. If they don't like any of the candidates, they should not be forced to vote. It's almost insulting that such a thing is enforced on people.

  • Freedom of Speech

    It is a free country. And the people are , and should be able to make their own decisions. Especially when it comes to voting. People should not be forced to vote because it is a free country and we are able to make our own decisions. That's what i think

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  • No they should not

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  • No, they should not.

    Required voting would cause people to just say, "Hey, I didn't want to vote in the first place, so I'll just pick someone." This is bad! It causes the problem of the uninformed voter. A complete jackwagon could be elected into office just because of people saying, "I'll vote for this guy cuz his hair looks cool." It does not work like this. If you are going to vote, make it count.

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