• It is an out of hand issue that must be dealt with.

    In many libraries, there are often limited copies of each book. It is not uncommon for a library book to be "booked" or "requested" for months in advance. The ignorant actions of one person can lead to the dismay of many more. People who can't afford to buy all of their books are often driven mad by selfish people who simply cannot grasp the concept of being considerate. And I must reiterate, denying someone the right to read a book out of your own selfishness is as horrible a notion as homophobia. Good thing we only have to deal with one... Oh wait

  • Going to jail is too much

    Why would you just send someone to jail just for a over due book. That's dumb. And sad because you can loose your family just for a stupid book that you did not give in by the due of date. I would not want to do that. I say no!

  • Does anyone see anything wrong with this question!!! Cause I know I do

    Are you kidding me.... I am a younger person and can't drive yet and both my mom, and dad work and the library is at least 5 to 10 miles from my house so I can't walk how am I supposed to get there!! So when my books need to be returned and I can't get there I am supposed to be sent to Jail!! REALLY!!!!!!

  • Minor children jail term for $45.00 fee .

    How can our country condone this!! Arrest warrant issued for an 11yr old child in PA books returned!! The trauma this child is going thru is unacceptable. The child's mother attempted to go to the court to pay the $45.00 fee, but they would not accept this ---- the child had to bee present to sign somekind of form---what would she know what she was signing? Something is truly wrong here!! So in our great U.S. We are targeting children to pay our way?.?. SAD.

  • No different than the debtors prisons in England, that used to exist

    Jailing people for overdue books is the same thing as jailing a person for debts, it's too extreme, and a principle that this country was founded against. Besides prisons and jails are already overcrowded anyhow, and jailing people for overdue books wouldn't help that issue at all, there should be fines and bans from the library unless the fines are paid

  • Jail seems a bit extreme

    The punishment should suit the crime and I believe that jailing for overdue library books is not in sync with that. A more appropriate punishment for library books that are way overdue is (after a reminder) a fine of some sort to cover the cost of the book(s) and perhaps the individual could lose their right to issue books out. Jail is for major crimes in my opinion (murder, rape etc). Tax money pays funds prisons remember. You have to weigh it up, is an overdue library book worth a prison sentence and all the tax funds that go along with it?

  • Make them pay up, but don't send them to jail.

    People should not be jailed for overdue library books. They should be fined and collected up by agencies if they fail to pay up, however. Taxes pay for the privilege to borrow, not to steal, and being late on books shouldn't be seen as a joke. Make them pay up, but don't send them to jail.

  • They should not.

    People should not be jailed for an overdue library book. For the most part, the books are not that expensive and there is no way that you would be able to convince people that someone should go to jail over 20$. That is just a stupid statement and can't believe was asked.

  • No, the punishment doesn't fit the crime

    Jailing people for overdue library books is not good policy. Depriving an individual of their personal liberty for such a small offense is extremely excessive. Moreover, housing inmates is expensive, and asking taxpayers to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to punish someone for holding onto a few dollars worth of books for too long is madness.

  • Not at all

    There are plenty of valid reasons for people to be put in jail, mainly that they are a danger to society and need to repent. I think that not paying library book fines is no reason for someone to be put in jail. If the fines are bad enough you could sue I suppose.

  • Debtors Jail Is A No

    I do not believe overdue library books would justify jailing. I believe libraries should be able to file court orders to withhold money from an employees check so they can retain the funds to purchase another copy if it is never returned, but jailing a person doesn't help this situation.

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