• Well, maybe so.

    Normally I would say no, but looking at both sides of the coin is nice. I can see your argument medicfrogs, but it has many holes in it. Yeah, sure judging by looks is bad. For example, when I was in 8th grade, my coach had worn a tuxedo for whatever reason, I don't know. If you saw him, you would've never have guessed that he was a P.E. Coach, anybody would've thought of him as a nice and neat man. Honestly, there's nothing really to argue about from this side since you can't argue about that, but even then, people still do it! I'm sorry guys, but don't deny it. We've all judged something or someone by their looks. For example, whenever I look through books, I tend to look at the covers before the summaries and even though people say this or that book is great, I don't read it simply because of the book cover. Another example would be job interviews. They don't judge by looks just because they want to, but because they have to. They have such little time to integrate with that other person that they have no choice but to judge by what they see at the current moment. If interviews took months or years so they could hire the right person, then their companies would've been out of business a long time ago. So, in the end it's not about how you judge people by their looks, but more like when.

  • There are practical situations.

    Children, trying to decide if a stranger is dangerous for example. Or an employer, conducting job interviews. Or a person, walking alone to their car, late at night, in an empty parking garage. Or people currently involved in wooing and courtship.

    In an ideal world, we would be able to read people's minds, see into their past, and feel what they feel. In the real world, appearances are all we have to go off of when we meet a stranger.

    I feel like although we should teach kids that there are MORE than appearances to a person's character, we should also teach them the societal value of clean apparel, good hygiene, good grooming, and posture & poise and how sometimes a first impression is the only chance you get, and for that reason, appearance is vital.

  • Not for their physical appearance (features)

    Someone should not be judged for their physical attributes, or the way they physically look; nose, eyes, ears, etc.
    However one can be judged based on the way he or she takes care of their self (smell, and grooming). As well as the way he or she may present them self.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    The 'halo effect' in psychology is when you believe that someone has good character because they are good looking. This effect has been found repeatedly and so is considered part of human nature. It explains why good looking people tend to get treated better, have higher average earnings etc. In the examples given by medicfrogs people are especially likely to judge by looks. But as also pointed out by medicfrogs, the only thing this tells you is the person's grooming habits and the value they place on grooming in their lives. It doesn't necessarily tell you about the more important inner qualities of character. I disagree that we only have appearance as a means of understanding strangers. We can observe behaviour, we can use social skills such as empathy and theory of mind (when you imagine things from another person's point of view) and interacting with them verbally to determine character. The extent to which this kind of understanding overrides the halo effect is probably dependent on the character of the person who is doing the judging. Or in other words, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Do not Judge

    Judge People by who they are and not who they look like. I look menacing until you get to know me.I look intimidating but when you get to know me you will find that I am protective of people I enjoy being around and can get extremely pissed if you try and hurt someone near to my heart. I can also be quite weird if you do not understand who I am on the inside. I am 6"10' 280 come fight me. You won't. No balls.

  • I look like bum

    So you might know some pretty people are really mean because of their appearance. I'm pretty sure if you look pretty you will show off and judge other people's appearance. Some ugly bums may be nice like me. I personally think if you are ugly don't worry since there might be uglier people than you.DONT JUDGE PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR APPEARANCE !!!!!!!!!!,

  • Only the ignorant do so

    A little story... I was on a bus many years ago (when I was a music student) and sat beside a man who looked like a disheveled homeless bum. I started a friendly conversation with him and quickly found out that he was one of my countries most famous and renowned composers. If I had made assumptions on this man's appearance, I would have missed out on the opportunity to get to know him while he was still alive.

  • Everybody Looks Different

    Judging people based on their looks is really stupid. If that was you, how would you feel? Everybody looks different. You're being a stupid bully, telling people they look bad. Just stop. It can hurt someone's feelings. But look. If some people do that, they would look stupid to me

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