• Welfare Recipients Need to Work

    Without a doubt, welfare recipients need to perform work in some capacity in order to receive their funding. There's no reason these individuals should receive free welfare and do nothing to deserve it. Too many people have come to expect welfare without doing anything for it, and this is a major problem today.

  • Yes working should be required

    Yes the government is there to help you when you are down. That is one of the great things about this country. But people today have been taking advantage of it by going on welfare and not doing anything. The government supports them fully. This is not what welfare was meant to be so working should be a requirement.

  • Yes, it teaches good habits.

    Yes, people should be made to work while on welfare, because people who take welfare owe a debt to society and they should pay it back by making some kind of contribution. Also, people who take welfare need to know how it feels to have to work for a living and many of them have never worked a day in their lives.

  • People On Welfare Should Work

    Yes, able-bodied people who are on welfare should be forced to work, provided that work is available. The welfare system is set up to help people who are in dire financial straits to get on their feet again. It is not designed to permanently provide food and shelter for people who do not wish to work.

  • This has benefits, but "new jobs" must be constructed

    There is a link between people on welfare and people who are disabled. In my case, if you just forced me to work a construction site, because I have social and general anxiety, I might not do a good job. So make these jobs, for people like me, better away from social, or quiet, like a library.

  • I think that people need to be made to work while on welfare.

    I think that people need to be made to work while on welfare. Welfare shouldn’t be a permanent
    solution. Welfare should be a temporary
    assistance program for people who have fallen on hard times. I think that they should be forced to
    constantly look for work while they are receiving welfare benefits.

  • News flash you earn your worth.

    If you work and need welfare you are truly by definition living above your means. Learn a trade, gain some knowledge, work for a living! A majority of welfare recipients so not work, have no skill to speak of and live comfortably for free. There plentiful offspring learn this behavior and so it continues. This cycle will continue until a change is made. Let's pay them to learn how to be productive, take the convenience and expectation out of welfare and put back a little good old fashioned shame.

  • Yes. i believe people should be made to work while on welfare.

    Yes. i believe people should be made to work while on welfare. If it is possible, because if they can earn their own money they don't need to be on welfare. I think if a person has a job that pays a sufficient amount to cover their expenses they shouldn't be on welfare at all.

  • Stop punishing welfare recipients!

    News flash: Many people who are on welfare are already working! The employment market still hasn't completely rebounded in the United States, and what little work people are getting is part time and underpaid. Not everyone can make that work and need a little help from us to make ends meet each month. And those who aren't working? They're not living it up on your dime, they're barely making it last and most of them have the full time "job" of job hunting already.

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