Should people be more active and spend less time watching?

  • In a perfect world, we would all move more

    Though I love watching the tv, using the internet, and sitting still, I recognize that the world would be a healthier place if people in the industrialized world spent more time outside. When we're active, we have the opportunity to interact more with other people, and we also interact with nature and the world around us. Being active has both physical and psychological benefits, and should be encouraged.

  • Not all watching is bad

    Although most people use it for entertainment some peoples jobs requires them to sit long hours staring at a screen. Also many use it to learn new things like languages, booking Travel tickets and to pass time. A middle solution would be to us treadmill computer desks, that is an actual thing. Please take time and look it up.

  • Quit trying to control everyone.

    If people want to be healthy it has been proven that they should be more active and quit doing so many sedentary activities. In that respect, people should be more active, however, I still believe in freedom of choice. If someone wants to sit on their bottom all day, play on the computer, and watch t.v. nobody should force them to give it up. Perhaps that person doesn't want to live forever.

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