• Yes I believe more people should be away of what the post.

    This is one opinion that I will really stick too.. I think people post too much on their social media which ends up cause lots of problems and/or drama. I do understand that most social media's try to make it about you and want you to share what you're doing/eating/ect.. Although, I think it shouldn't be used for anything that could be private or hurt someone's feelings!

  • Yes, People should be more careful

    Yes, I believe that people should be more careful about what they post on social media because even if it is their personal page there is still a limit that shouldn't be crossed and I find alot of people cross that line and it really isn't cool. I personally don't post much.

  • People should be more careful what they post on social media.

    In current society, social media has given people the ability to stay in contact and up-to-date on the comings and goings of their friends, family and favorite stars. However, with this ability comes the power to shape the narrative of what you want your followers to learn. Therefore its very easy to mislead, misinform and misrepresent yourself or others and thus people should be very aware and careful of how they craft their online messages.

  • Yes, people should watch what they say because anyone has access to social media

    Virtually anyone who has social media can be tracked down. Anything that could be construed as unprofessional, negative or malicious can be used against a person who has social media profiles. People have been jailed, have been passed over for jobs, and have been reprimanded for things they have posted on social media. If it is not something that you would not say to someone's face, it should not be said online. That is bullying and cyber-attacking. Adults should be role models for children and yet children are on social media and are seeing what is being posted. When the adults lash out or vindictively attack someone maliciously, the children are able to see this. Too many people hide behind a computer thinking that everything they say is going to be all right.

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