• What secrets are there?

    If you have a 'secret' go ahead, tell the world. If you want to and feel comfortable to that is. I have no secret because I wear zero makeup and whatever makeup I do wear makes me look like a translucent clown. Even the tiniest bit. So if you want to put your beauty collection on show, go... I don't know, tell some kind of women's magazine. But I won't be reading because I'm just an ugly clown in amongst a load of beauty queens dazzled in makeup from head to toe.

    (Please don't kill me...)

  • Sure, why not?! (this is crazy, btw)

    I mean why shouldn't people tell the truth?! We live in a truthful world, dont we?!
    Politicians say what they believe and parents believe santa clause is true when they blackmail their kids.
    So we should also be reveal our secretive methods we have worked on to the entire world :)

    Posted by: dem6
  • Sure, Why Not

    I never really noticed anyone being dishonest about what they do to look good, but if we still have people lying about it, I feel they should be more honest. I don't really think there's any reason to lie about things like this given that there are many different options and people usually look at other peoples decisions to guide their own.

  • People worry about what people think and people should admit that.

    This idea that we aren't materialists is misguided. Even those people that claim not to be materialistic usually announce it in order to gain a certain prestige that accompanies such a claim. The only real way to claim that you do not care what other people think is to avoid all people. Otherwise, there are certain things that we all do in order to support our own self-image, like bathe.

  • People should be more honest about what they do to look good.

    People be more honest about what they do to look good especially those featured in magazines. Young people try to achieve these looks and it does not work out very well for them when they can never meet the standards of what a lot of times is unrealistic photo shop.

  • There Are No Copies

    Too often, a person will hide their 'secret' to good looks for fear that others might copy their style and techniques. This is a needless fear. Though not all techniques work equally well for everyone, the sharing of ideas can only add beauty to the world. With so much uniqueness in the world, we need not fear someone becoming our copy. We're all too unique for that.

  • Is there such thing as beauty secrets anymore?

    I think this is pretty much a non-issue. On the rare occasion a celebrity hasn't mentioned some of her favorite products in a magazine like Teen Vogue, then take to the Internet and you'll likely find hundreds of videos on how to get her trademark look. Look around, people-- the YouTube beauty community is practically a multi-million dollar industry now. Girls and women of every shape and size are all over the site talking openly about their beauty regimes like some people talk about the weather. It's pretty much guaranteed that every tip and trick in the book has been divulged repeatedly. Even if this weren't the case, a person's appearance is their own business, and whether or not they discuss it with others is up to them. At the end of the day, there are worse things to conceal than a zit.

  • No, people should be honest to be honest.

    I think that if someone is going to be honest just to look good, they are not doing it for the right reasons. The correct reason should be to change who they are and to be a better person. If someone does something superficially they will not do it correctly and not be completely honest.

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