Should People be more relaxed about their religion?

Asked by: 2ninjacat
  • Empathy and Acceptance is key.

    There are so many conflicts over religion. The Crusades, The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and Pakistan and India. If people can be more accepting and relaxed, then millions of lives wouldn't be lost to wars and persecution that get society nowhere. The attitude of 'if you don't believe in my god I'll kill/enslave/persecute you' is no different than racism.

  • I think people need a chill pill....

    Some people are really strict about their religion and can offend others easily or abuse other religions. Sometimes, I believe anyways, that people should calm down if someone says 'god isn't real' (for example.) Some people would agree that god exists, others are more appealed to facts than fiction.

    Previously, people have murdered each other for the sake of 'you don't believe in my religion'. I think this is wrong, mainly because there is no god.... Wait, do you want to kill me or do you agree? See, people can believe in what they believe, but places like China; they kill you for it.

  • I think they shouldn't...

    Being aggressive about your religion is some other case.. But being so much relaxed can astray you from your path. While driving your car you know where to turn left or right or the path is straight or curvy but if you are driving without noticing that where to stop and where to move then you might have road accident.
    Nobody should be blamed about it except YOU.

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