Should people be nice to people with all types of disabilities?

Asked by: chee45rocks
  • People should be nice to people with all types of disabilities.

    People should be nice to people with all types of disabilities because they are different and can't help the things they do. People shouldn't bully people just because their different. I have Autism and people aren't very nice to me at school. Whenever I make noises, people tell me to shut up. I think people shouldn't reject people with disabilities. If somebody with a disability wants to hang out with you then you should let them. People will always say that they understand the disabilities whenever they don't. People need to stop being selfish and grow up!

  • It might be like an insult.

    It's disrespectful to spread a disability. People could tease the person. If someone knew YOUR disability and spread it to like you did to him/her, how would YOU feel? Probably the same as the other person. This is why you should respect other people's disabilities. They are just like you. Don't be mean to them and be nice because how would you feel if you were treated like that?

  • Of course you should

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  • Yes, you should

    You should be nice to people with or without disabilities. Just because someone has a disability doesn't mean they deserved to get treated with mean and nasty and biased against. After all, we're all humans.
    Like the other user said, you can't force anyone to be nice. Since that's the case, if you can't be nice, then stay way from them and let other people treat them with respect.

  • They're still people.

    They're people no matter what. And, it's unfair to judge people on something they can't help. I'm friends with people who have disabilities, physically and mentally, and they're good people. Just because they have, for example, autism, doesn't mean they can't be nice people. If you hate or bully people with disabilities, you're a terrible person.

  • We should be nice to everyone.

    'A youth [...] should overflow in love to all, and cultivate the friendship of the good.' (Analects 1.6) It does not matter what people they are, disabled or not. There is absolutely no reason to discriminate someone based on something they have not chosen. To do so is to show what a prejudiced, cold and unloving person you are.

  • No, they need to man up!

    Just because they're disabled doesn't mean you have to be nice to them, I'm a mother of 3 kids and the youngest kid is disabled. Did I give him special attention? No, I have some perfectly normal kids I have to give my attention to as well. Bringing the kids up is a hard enough job, I don't need to be concerned about my mentally disabled son.

    Look around you, giving them special attention is what they want. If you treat autistic or aspergers kids the same as everyone else, they'll turn normal.

  • "Nice" is a little too far.

    First of all, "nice" (as stated in the headline) is going too far. No, people should not be "nice" to people with disbilities, but rather, treat them equally. If treated like everyone else, disabled people might be able to aquire a guise of social norms. However, my point could be debated into the topic of whether or not disabled people have to change to be like everyone else.

  • No, people so be nice to people regardless.

    Generally, I believe in treating everyone equally and fairly. Just because someone is disabled doesn't get them any special treatment on my part, and to be honest I don't really think disabled people want to be treated differently either. When shouldn't be favoriting one group of people over another just because they're different.

  • Forcing people to be nice?

    You can't simply force someone to be nice to people. They are humans two i agree and should be treated just as that. No i don't mean bully them till their eyes ball. I mean treat them with kindness but don't constantly baby them. No, i don't have a disability but my brother does and i've seen the way people make fun of him. I can't force those kids to be nice to him they are kids they choose who they want to hang out with.

  • Was going to vote yes until I saw the respond by person who started this opinion poll.

    I was going to vote yes but comment and said that it is more important to show respect to people, regardless of whether they have disabilities or not unless said person's behavior warrants otherwise.

    But then I saw the respond made by the OP. Specifically this sentence:
    " If somebody with a disability wants to hang out with you then you should let them."

    I am sorry, nobody should be forced to let anyone hang out with them if they don't want to, disability or not.

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Nuzlocke4 says2015-05-03T16:16:46.760
What a stupid and loaded question, of course every is going to say yes.