Should people be outraged about the NSA's PRISM program?

  • Yes, it is an invasion of rights.

    Yes, people should be outraged about the NSA's PRISM program, because it collects information from people who have not done anything to make themselves suspect. The government is not supposed to invade in someone's life unless they have a good reason. The PRISM program just collects general information. It is going too far.

  • Yes they should.

    The NSA PRISM program is a huge over reach into American lives and is unconstitutional. It is basically illegal search and seizure of information, and it makes people feel like their guilty until proven innocent. Government should not have that much ability to contain all of that data for every US citizen.

  • People should be outraged about the NSA's PRISM program.

    People should be outraged about the NSA's PRISM program. The PRISM program collected private information off of the Internet without the permission of its users. People should be outraged that this was allowed to happen. I think it is time for people to push back and say that enough is enough and for them to leave our data alone.

  • The NSA is enraging.

    People should be absolutely livid about the NSA program, PRISM. It is a damning invasion of privacy and one that is endorsed by our own government. I think that everybody should be upset about what happened with the NSA, but most people aren't that upset about it. If it were effective, I wouldn't mind, but it's not.

  • Everyone should be outraged

    Everyone should be outraged by the NSA's prism program. Even the US Supreme Court said that it was far overreaching. More people should know about this program and how much it took from the average American citizen. This just goes to show that the government is nothing but a bunch of crooks.

  • They don't collect anything truly personal really.

    Most of the data collected has consisted largely of metadata. Do you think the NSA has the manpower to read EVERY single text message or listen to every single phone call made by a contact of a suspect? There are over 300 million people living in the U.S. Data is streamed through an algorithm and gets flagged when certain keywords pop up. No one actually sees this data and even if they did, odds are they'd never be given the chance to use any of it against you. At the end of the day it's probably deleted unless it was important.

  • It's the price we pay- but it's worth it.

    No one at the NSA is sitting and reading your chats or listening in to your private calls. No one has that kind of time. The purpose of gathering this information is to filter information and find what is really relevant- it's like finding a needle in a haystack. There are protocols in place, and there is a process through which access is granted/ denied to information. Not everyone can see your information. Most of it is deleted immediately after it is collected- because it is irrelevant. For information to be stored, criteria have to be fulfilled. Furthermore, there is no evidence of misuse.
    Think about it this way- would you rather that your flirty Facebook chats be protected or that terrorist missions intercepted? It's time to compromise.

  • No they should realize it happens

    No people should not be outraged by the NSA PRISM program. The truth is most people knew something like that was going on, just not to what extent. I think the program is wrong but still is a necessary evil in the world. To act like its a huge schock is just a lie.

  • We should be applauding them

    The National Security Agency has been doing this for decades, it's only that recent technological advances have enabled them to become a panopticon. There is no evidence whatsoever that the information they have collected has been used irresponsibly or in a politically motivated manner. If we are to believe them -- and I do believe them -- their collection of information has protected us from numerous terrorism attempts on American soil.

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