• I think yes

    Like they said, People take their time to recycle and deserve a reward. Poor people need to get money somehow and that is just easier. Yes, We all with everyone could recycle but they don't. More people recycle with bottle bills and we need to encourage more people to recycle.

  • Of course, Yes.

    Recycling helps the environment, And if people get rewarded for that, Then recycling helps them too. There are people who spend hours finding items to recycle, So they should at least get rewarded for using that much of their time. I know not everyone does this, Because some can just recycle empty containers of what they bought, But they are still using their money. Thus, People should get rewarded to recycle because recycling is optional, And some would do it just to keep the planet clean.
    Recycling is optional, Thus, If people do, They should get a reward. There are many people who would recycle without a reward, But I believe that they should get a reward because they help the planet by using their time. Some would spend time collecting items to recycle, So getting a reward that is not shared with everyone would be nice. To recycle, Many would need to go to a place, So they can not recycle if they want, But they decide to, So that should be a good reward. Many would purposely not recycle because they would not get a reward. Thus, Since recycling is not mandatory, If people get rewarded for recycling, Then more would want to recycle. For instance, San Francisco has a program where they reward people who recycle, And has one of the highest recycling rates in the country, While Chicago does not, And has one of the lowest recycling rates in the country. That means that rewarding people for recycling will actually get more people to recycle.
    There are many people who recycle for the main reason to keep the planet clean. If people do not get rewarded for recycling, They would be buying or collecting the items for the purpose of keeping the planet clean. If they do get rewarded, They will get a cleaner planet and something extra. Many would not mind keeping the planet clean while using up their time, And sometimes, Money, So they should get a reward for that too. People work for hours cleaning public places and recycling some of the items they find there. They could have used that time to do something else, But instead, They help clean the planet. Thus, I believe that these people should get rewarded for that. They contribute to keeping the environment clean, And not because there is a reward for that, So I believe that they still should be rewarded.
    In general, I believe that being rewarded for recycling and not being rewarded has its own perks and downfalls. Recyclers would get two rewards: a clean environment and something else. Although many people recycle the items that they bought, They still need to use their money to buy the containers in the first place. Ultimately, I believe that people should be rewarded for recycling because recycling is not mandatory, And some people would do it just to keep the environment clean, So I believe that they should be rewarded for that.

  • The way to recycle

    It seems to me a good idea, Also to urge people to do so, They will see a profit and motivation to do it, But of course it would be a minimum payment, Many people think that they would be willing to do recycling if they benefit in some way, Since the simple fact of knowing that they take care of the planet is not enough for many

  • Yes sir!

    I like to define recycling as the best invention for humans. Basically, We take used stuff and turn in it into new stuff. So, Why not make this a law?

    Paying people is also acceptable. This motivates people to get "free money" for recycling.

    Thanks for reading this opinion!

  • Is this really a question?

    Is this really a question? Yes, Obviously, Recycling should be somehow made mandatory. People are wasting unnecessarily, And this is making cities literally smell like a sewage treatment facility. So yes, It will help people recycle, And do good for this planet.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • In my opinion, If everyone wants a greener world, They should recycle for no fee, Or extra costs.

    Many people work hours a day, Trying to provide for their homeless family, They do get paid. Many people who don't recycle, Give those less privileged a hope, But if everyone does it, How are they going to survive? Many people could also lie, About how they recycle, As people could have bags full, And add another heavy object, Just to cheat the system and get more cash. Us as citizens of the world, Should do it out of the kindness of our hearts.

  • This may seem like a good idea on the surface, But it's stupid when you look at it for more than 2 seconds.

    Recycling does not do shit. The idea of recycling was created when companies profited and made money off of the "green" ideology, Of saving the planet and whatever. There is like 0 evidence that recycled objects are used for anything important, And 90% of it just goes to waste. Paying people for this is useless because it is useless, And a waste of money.

  • I think people should not get paid for recycling.

    People should instead pay if they don;t recycle. Recycling is something we should do without anyone telling us or bribing us. The is already being damaged by humans with cars and other stuff. We shouldn't damage it more than we have already. So people should get payed to not recycle.

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Adeola says2020-07-11T08:32:08.733
I don't think so, Because it is good to encourage people to recycle.

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