• Yes they should be Penalized

    Students should not be expelled from colleges for cheating because it is not good for them. There is no reason to expel students from college for cheating because they will not learn anything from that experience. Typically, Expelled students will be not prepared for their academic degrees and future careers

  • People should be penelised

    They should be penalised because it is not fair they do not deserve the credit that they get so YES. Why no???
    Some one tell me challenge me It is unfair.So they should be penalised think lodicly have a think m m m m m m m m m m thought yet

  • There should be severe penalties for cheating.

    Yes, there should be stiff penalties for cheating on tests. Passing or failing isn't good enough. I would be in favor of zero tolerance policies: If you cheat, you are expelled and your entire academic history for that semester is erased. Legal penalties aren't needed unless a crime such as theft or burglary was involved, though.

  • I believe people who cheat on tests should get penalized!!

    I strongly believe that people that cheat on tests should be penalized. Having a child who got caught, I can tell you that she got an F on the test and so did the person she was cheating with. She then also got in trouble at home. I don't care what grade or level of schooling the people are in. If you put in the work like you are supposed to and do the best you can there is no reason to cheat. After my daughter cheated they had her re-take the test just so she could see what she would have got, she received an A. It was a higher grade then what she would have gotten on the test that she cheated on.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe it is appropriate to penalize people for cheating on tests. In academia I believe it should be good enough cause for the student to be automatically failed in that class. If people get away with cheating on tests how will the interact with society in the real world?

  • Yes, Form of theft

    There are several problems with this form of cheating. First, the
    unfair advantage on the test result and the unfair placement of test
    takers. This actually cheats the person who paid for the advantage, as
    well as the other test takers. Second, this practice renders the
    testing useless and unreliable. Third, It places people with an ability
    to pay ahead of those who do not have that ability. The cheaters
    should be penalized, at least by having to repeat the testing.

  • People Being Penalized

    I personally think that Professorial misconduct includes improper grading of students' papers and oral exams, grade fraud, deliberate negligence towards cheating or assistance in cheating. This can be done for reasons of personal bias towards students (favoritism) or a particular viewpoint (intellectual dishonesty), for a bribe, or to improve the teacher's own perceived performance by increasing the passing rate. It is still occasionally done for matters of ego or to procure sexual favors (sexual harassment).

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