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  • NO! Suicide Thrives Inside Jail Cells

    People who commit suicide aren't rational or capable of logical thought process. Much less care if their actions are illegal. Beside that, no human lap is capable of penalizing a successful suicide. So, why should they worry about that issue anyway? A suicidal person is in a hurry to gain permanent escape from temporary pain.

    The sole purpose of laws that criminalize suicide has a preventive -
    not punitive goal. If an act is not legally prohibited, 3rd parties have no legal right to prevent it. Which should also remain the only role of legal prohibitions. Would-be suicides need hospital admissions not criminal convictions that cost society dearly in exorbitantly high cost of imprisoning people with judgment already severely impaired that will most likely kill themselves to escape from jail!

  • Therapist not Jail

    The person trying to commit is going through a hard time. Jail time will just make it worse. Instead of jail, you should get them a therapist so they can talk about it and not take it out on themselves. Will jail time do anything but make the person even more depressed? I think not.

  • Its dumb to penalize someone for that

    It makes no sense to penalize them. That will further depress them and raise the chances of them trying it again, and it further raises the chance of them not telling about there next suicide attempt to anyone. It's like if school gives a student detention for crying. It's also like if school punishes a student for telling the bully to stop bullying him/her.

  • They need medical help, not legal fines.

    No, I do not think that people should face legal penalties for attempting to commit suicide. People who are in such a state of mind to kill themselves (excepting the terminally ill, for who it should be legal) are mentally unstable. They don't need legal penalties to make them feel even more worthless. They need medical help.

  • No, they should not

    People who legally try to commit suicide do not deserve to be penalized. Neither does a person who tries to do it illegally. When a person tries to commit suicide they are at the lowest point of their lives and need help. To reprimand them is just beyond ridiculous and worrisome.

  • No, they should be helped.

    If someone has legitimately attempted suicide, he or she should not be prosecuted for the attempt. The reason is because the person is probably in a poor mental state, and the added stress could put them back over the edge. What a person really needs is a lot of emotional and medical support so he or she can get out of a dark place.

  • No, suicide is a cry for help, not punishment

    People who attempt to commit suicide are in need of help, not punishment. Suicide is desperate measure of last resort for someone who is suffering tremendously in their life. If they are lucky enough not to succeed in taking their own life, the first thing they should be facing after their attempt is support and care, not the punishing rule of law. Punishing them would only further contribute to their misery when what they need is help and understanding.

  • Penalizing will not solve anything

    A person who attempts suicide should not be further punished. Reparations for an ambulance ride are about as much as needs to be done. The state can sue to be reimbursed, but that is still teetering on immoral. This person has tried to use the ultimate punishment, death. Will a jail sentence really do anything?

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