• Yes, But it’s more complicated.

    Bullies often don’t consider others, Or feel like other ppl can accept what they can. Bullying may be an act of asserting dominance, Or a reassurance of one’s own strength. In both scenarios, This is still harmful to the victim and shows the selfish intentions of the bully. If the bully is able to recognize his own mistakes or wrongdoings, Then I don’t see why we should punish him. However, If he only does this to avoid punishment, Then I say we enforce the punishing system. In the technology world, I barely see bullies that are able to change. Some will only temporarily change not because of ethics or whatever, But because they are selfish for what you offer as a reward of changing themselves. Never trust these people btw. Now let’s look at another scenario, Where the bully doesn’t change at all. I think that when this extent is reached, It’s time to let the bully have a taste of his own medicine. Especially those that can’t be considerate of how others feel. Sometimes it just requires this to have an everlasting effect and change how the bully behaves.

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